Monday, September 30, 2019

Termites - What You Need To Know

According to industry experts Myrtle Beach termites can easily tear down homes quickly, causing more damage than fire and recent floods. And because termite damage is not often covered in your homeowner’s insurance, you end up spending more money to repair the damage caused by termites. The primary reason why termites can easily and quickly cause damage to homes and properties is because they can thrive in and continue eating at your home structure without you or any member of the household noticing. This is also why they are often called the silent eaters.

What do Myrtle Beach termites find in your home?

Termites choose homes to start building a colony when they find suitable living environment in your home. What they basically need to successfully thrive are food, moisture, shelter and favorable temperature. Their main sources of food are dead plants and trees and dead parts of living trees. This is why they can often be found in your crawlspace or yard, which offer favorable living conditions and are located near their food sources. Termites find food in your home, particularly in your home’s foundation, shelves, furniture, doors, windows and books.

How do these termites successfully spread infestation throughout your home?

Termite infestation can easily spread throughout your home without you noticing because they remain hidden and covered at all times. They create tunnels from their colony nest that they use for travelling when they are looking for food. The only time you can tell you are co-habiting with termites is during their mating season. This is the only time when they go out and travel outside of their tunnels to meet with other termites, choose a mate and start their own colony, often within your home as well. If you fail to witness their mating processes first hand, you can tell they have mated if you see discarded wings near your windows. Note that termites use their wings when looking for a suitable mate. And when termites found their mates, they shed their wings and proceed with creating their own colony on foot.

Protect your home from Myrtle Beach termite infestation

The best way to be protected from termite infestation is to hire pest control professionals to do regular termite inspection on your home. Keep in mind that one of the keys in keeping these termites away from your home is early detection. And you can ensure they are easily detected before spreading infestation by having pest control professionals regularly inspect your home of their presence. Although, you can do the inspection on your own, especially if you know what you are looking for, it is still best to leave this task to the professionals. Zap Pest Control has the right tools, skills and expertise for easily detecting termite presence and infestation.

Some of the signs you may have termites in your home include:

  • Dropped and discarded wings after their mating season.
  • Droppings near doors and windows, especially if they are made from wood. Droppings may mean termites are eating away at your doors and windows.
  • Cracked or bubbling paint, which means termites are eating the material beneath the paint or they are building tunnels for their transportation.
  • Mud tubes running up the walls that are often found in the basement near your home’s foundation. These mud tubes are the tunnels that termites build for their safe and concealed transportation.
These signs may mean termites are already infesting your home and gradually building and strengthening their colony. Thus, when you notice any of these signs, it is best to call in a professional at once so they can do proper control and management to get rid of the termites. But if you want to be able to have these Myrtle Beach termites detected before they can spread infestation, have Zap Pest Control do annual termite inspections. Give them a call today to inquire about their services. Zap Pest Control Inc. 2507 Forestbrook Rd Suite G Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 843-654-1927

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Get The Protection You Need With Professional Pest Control Service

pest-control-1-300x216.jpgAnts, fleas, and spiders are only a few of the unwelcome visitors that homeowners get at their houses. You will find bugs everywhere. They are an integral part of nature but they are not supposed to be part of your house. If pests as well as insects move into your house they could put your family at risk. A pest control service provider could help you eliminate these problems right away. Request For An Inspection From A Pest Control Company Maybe you just recently purchased a home, or you have never had your house inspected for termites. Then today is the time to do so. Each year, termites could cause millions of dollars worth of damage to houses in the southeast however, too often, residents do not realize they have an issue until the termites have become well established. It is always a great time to request for a termite inspection from a pest control Myrtle Beach company. Always remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Pest Control Services Can Protect Your Home’s Interior

If you live in a country or city, your house provides an open invitation to different pests and insects. You might be able to disregard the bugs found outside your home in the landscaping mulch, in trees, as well as shrubs that grow near the house, and in or close to standing ponds as well as puddles of water – however, in this case, ignorance isn’t a bliss. Unfortunately, your home’s interior is just a few slithers or hops away, providing a pleasant temperature and a lot to drink and eat. A pest control Myrtle Beach company could deal with these outdoor pests, therefore, protecting the inside of your home. Pests Could Already Be Inside Your Home It could also be possible that these pests are already inside your house. If that is the case, it is time to call a pest control firm like Zap Pest Control. Infestations aren’t just disgusting, annoying, and embarrassing. They could also transmit disease to your loved ones and pose a serious threat to your home. Several insects including bed bugs, rodents, ants, cockroaches, and flies can carry diseases like salmonella, E.coli, as well as other harmful bacteria. During winter, rodents will try to get out of the cold and if they go to your house, they can damage your house by chewing on its plaster, wood, and wiring. You will surely need professional help to control these unwanted pests. Anything that can cause a danger to your health and to your property is considered as a pest. Call a professional pest control company so you don’t have to deal with unwanted pests any longer than required. Keep your quality of life and have the protection you need by getting in touch with a qualified pest control service provider now.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Prepare Yourself For The Mosquito Season

mosquito-service-3-300x198.jpgThe World Health Organization, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, and other Environmental Health Departments are warning individuals in different parts of the country to prepare themselves for the coming mosquito season. Since 2015, 48 nations and territories in the Americas confirmed Zika transmission. Although California had no reports or concerns about the Zika virus mosquitoes, this year and the wet winter as well as warm spring have created the best breeding conditions for mosquitoes. If you want to protect yourself and your family from the diseases these insects could transmit, it is better to hire a mosquito service. Zika Virus Mosquitoes Will Multiply It is scary to know that health professionals have predicted the Zika virus carrying mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, will multiply across the eastern and southern states this coming summer. The Aedes mosquito may spread as far as Los Angeles and New York City. This is primarly due to the warm winter as well as to favourable summer conditions. According to the scientists and researchers from the University of Georgia, 26 mosquito species across different geneses could possibly carry the Zika virus. Different species have a tendency to live in a certain region, the model specified, as well as seven mosquito species in the US could turn into hosts for the Zika virus. One certain species that can tolerate colder temperatures is the Asian Tiger mosquito, the Aedes Albopictus, that’s heading north. Another invasive species that carries West Nile fever, Dengue fever, Encephalitis, and Yellow fever is the Albopictus.

Get Mosquito Services

One thing you need to include in your list this year is hiring mosquito services Myrtle Beach. You need to do this before the bug season begins. A few tips you need to know are as follows. Get rid of and drain excess water in ditches or in places where water accumulates. You should also remove stagnant water like those found in dog bowls, bird baths, and planting containers. Be sure replace them with clean water regularly. Don’t forget to check your yard for spots where water accumulates. These include kids toys, garbage lids, rain barrels, wood pils, old tires, and more. Don’t forget to clean the gutters where debris build up and accumulates water. You should also consider adding plants that deter mosquitoes like marigold, geranium, rosemary, basil, catnip, and lavender. You may also hang a few bird feeders in your yard. Everyone knows that birds love to eat bugs. They are an effective pest control option. You should also keep your lawn short. Get rid of leaves and old debris below the shrubs. Get rid of leaves particularly in low areas where water could build up, near ditches and drains. Another option you might want to consider is to get the services of a professional like Zap Pest Control. They offer pest control solutions like mosquito services, termite services, bed bug services, rodent services, and many more.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Common Signs That Your Home Is Infested With Bed Bugs

bed-bugs-4-300x200.jpgDid you know that there are about a 90% probability for a famous hotel, either a presidential or suite room in a luxury hotel to have bed bugs? Even your most liked hotel could have these pests without you knowing it. Now, you might be wondering if your hotel has bed bugs or not. Assuming that your favorite hotel has it, what could you do to make sure that your home doesn’t get infested once you come back home?

The common signs and symptoms of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Rash

Itching is one of the most common signs. The rash starts with an itchy sensation and it won’t be visible until you begin feeling the itch. Once you get bitten by a bed bug Myrtle Beach, you can feel its sting and the sucking of the blood. However, if the bed bugs bite, the itch could be felt only after a period of time, like at least one hour. This is due to the anaesthetics that the saliva of the bed bugs have. They inject anesthetics and anticoagulant, to stop blood from clotting, before the bed bug sucks your blood. Bed bug rash could be felt an hour after the bite. However, in some cases, the rash will only appear a few days or about couple of weeks later. This will be determined by the response of the body to the chemicals that are secreted by the bugs. How would you know if the rash is because of a bed bug? It starts with a small, red, and round bump that appears much more swollen compared to a mosquito rash. At first, only a swollen bump could be seen. After some time, the rash will spread all over. This means that several bed bugs have started to bite you. However, in some cases the rash may appear similar to a bit mark in sequence. This is obvious in people who are always moving when they are sleeping. When the bed bugs notice the constant movement around them, the instantly run back to the places where they hide. If you suspect that you have a bed bug rash, be sure to check it for a few days. The rash will cause extended itching for several days together. Additionally, a bed bug rash does not heal as fast as mosquito bites. They remain inflamed for several weeks together.

Bed Bug Odor

Bed bug odor is another common indicator that you have a bed bug problem and it needs immediate pest control. If your home only has minimal pest infestation, the odor won’t be that noticeable. But if there’s a lot of them, you will notice a musty, obnoxious, and sweet smelling stench, which are released by the bed bugs. You may find this smell under the mattresses or the headboard.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

All About Termite Treatment

termite-treatment-1-300x178.jpgJust like several other kinds of bug infestations, several people who find themselves with a termite infestation think that they could get a termite treatment locally and get the job done themselves. Well, in some cases, where there’s an issue in a fairly small structure, far away from the main property this may be possible, however, treating termites is a job that needs know how and knowledge and must really be left to an expert. To help you in deciding if you should deal with the termite problem yourself, you need to know if you possess a wide knowledge and experience about building construction. In case the answer is no, you’ll undoubtedly have big problems in determining the most probable entry points for these pests. Do you know how to handle the specialist equipment correctly and safely? This refers to tools like soil treatment, masonry drills, and etc. Once again, when the answer is no or maybe you are not sure, then don’t do it. Keep in mind that this is a job that goes beyond just using a little spray bottle at intervals surrounding the home. A termite treatment Myrtle Beach will typically involve using gallons of termiticide, which is injected under the slabs, into the foundation walls and even the ground on the foundation. After choosing the pest control company, it is important to have the most efficient kind of treatment applied. You’ll have a choice when it comes to the extent of the termite treatment. Termite colonies is comprised many hundreds and even thousands of small pests, all hunting for food in a wide array of different directions. Given this, having a termite treatment performed only in restricted locations may be a false economy since there’s a huge possibility that the termites will just find a different entry points into your home. Also, most termite companies won’t offer any warranty for this kind of treatment. As an alternative, a perimeter treatment uses a non repellent termiticide solution surrounding the whole foundation wall of the home and at the same time applying localised treatment of other infested locations or high risks places in your property. It’s crucial to choose a company that will provide you with a service agreement that guarantees they will help you when it comes to future infestations at no cost. Having your whole property treated is the best option if you have a termite problem at home.

Types of Termite Treatments

There are two types of termite treatments. Liquids and baits. Liquid termiticides are injected into the soil. They will create a barrier that stops the termites from invading the home and ones that are already in your property can’t return to the nest and will die too, eventually. Baiting is a solution that is lethal to these pests. Baits are buried underground inside a cylindrical plastic trap with a food source like cardboard or paper, to which the poison is applied.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

How Bed Bugs Can Destroy Your Business

bed-bugs-3-300x200.jpgOnce you see bed bugs in a certain hotel, then you should get out right away! Hotel owners are starting to realize that how disastrous bed bugs could be for their business. An upscale hotel with a five star rating could see its rating drop to a poor one star after guests reported that they have discovered bed bugs on their hotel room. They are not just posting about their horrible experience but also filing lawsuits against the hotel. Although hotels are responsible for protecting the welfare and health of their guests, there are instances when it is the guest who brings bed bugs into their hotels.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs are adept hitchhikers who can easily travel into different hotel rooms by attaching themselves in the luggage of the guests. Once they are on the room, they can easily set up their home. Bed bugs can be a nuisance especially since they feed on the blood of humans. They are hard to detect. An adult bed bug are russet brown in color and about the size of an apple seed. However, nymphs are almost translucent and microscopic. Although bed bugs Myrtle Beach do not transfer disease, their bites could cause red welts that are itchy. They may also lead to severe allergic reactions and phychosomatic stress. Once guests check out of the room, the bed bugs will hide on the crevices near or in the beds, inside clocks, under the carpet, or even behind the wall plates as they wait for their next victim. They will crawl along the plumbing and electrical conduits as well as air ducts while they look for their new prey, infecting nearby rooms. Cleaners may even spread bed bugs if these pests attach themselves on their cleaning carts. Once that happens, be sure to call a pest control company. Bed bugs are not just found on hostels or cheap motels. Bed bugs are also found in respected and even if they appear as if they are extremely clean. Juries and judges have been ruling in favour of bed bug victims whenever such cases reach the court. Some sue for hundred thousands of dollars while others demand millions as compensation. Even with the prevalence of bed bug infestation, there are some hoteliers who still ignore the complaints of their customers. There are several instances when they didn’t even know that their hotel rooms were infested when the guests checked in. If you own a hotel room or any kind of business, be sure that it is free of bed bugs. Call a pest control company to help you get rid of these pesky little critters.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

How Often Should You Get Residential Pest Control Services

residential-pest-control-2-300x200.jpgNowadays, the standard of residential pest control has improved. It is now offered on a monthly basis. Over the past years, several pest control companies, as well as residents are rethinking the standard. More knowledge in the methods of application, along with different environmentally friendly chemicals have significantly affected the results of the most common pests. These include bedbugs, roaches, ants, rodents, and spiders. So, the question is how often should you get pest control services? Should you choose monthly or every other month.

Residential Pest Control: Every Other Month Vs. Monthly

The Benefits Of Every Other Month Fewer chemical applications – chemical that is applied to your property would be half the number of times as you have to do for a monthly residential pest control Myrtle Beach. Fewer applications mean lower risk for you and your family. More affordable – several pest control firms offer discounts for homeowners who take up their every other month option. More effective – the majority of pests have the ability to evolve and become immune to chemicals and preventing reactions to a few mechanical processes. With the every other month pest control service, pest won’t develop these tolerances or avoidance reactions compared to monthly services. The services are also more effective as time goes by. More environmentally-friendly – just like posing less risk to humans and pets, fewer applications also have positive effects on the soil, plants, and other . The Cons of Every Other Month Fear of the unknown – any changes might cause stress in the homeowner until it’s better understood and proven. Several homeowners prefer monthly service because they believe it is a more efficient way of managing pests. Plus, it gives them peace of mind knowing the pests won’t wreak havoc in their property as long as monthly pest control is administered. More Service Calls – as expected, monthly services means you need to call the pest control firm more often, thus increasing the maintenance costs of keeping pests away. Despite of the disadvantages listed above, an increasing number of people are opting for an every month pest control service. More of them experience positive results and the stress associated with change will likely go away. Every other month residential pest control service is becoming more recommended and acceptable by both pest control firms, landlords and other homeowners as well. As pest control companies acquire more knowledge of savings as well as opportunity for more business volume made available by the per every other month pest control service option, consumers will eventually enjoy more discounts as well.

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Rodent Control Methods You Need To Know

rodent-control-3-300x251.jpgIn the world of rodent control, there are several different ways to get rid of these pests from your home. As with all pest control methods, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method. Knowing these pros and cons can assist you in making the best choice for your rodent pest control needs.

Rodent Control: Snap Traps

A standard rodent control Myrtle Beach method are snap traps. They are extremely effective at killing mice and rats. They also have the benefit of ensuring that the dying rodent will not find its way into the walls before it passes. Since these traps are very sensitive, it is possible for them to go off and then catch a rodent by its leg or tail. In case you find a living animal caught in your rodent trap, please be very careful. An animal that is injured will not think twice to bite. Homeowners must be careful with these snap traps if they have kids and pets at home. Little hands, paws, and feet are the perfect size for getting injured in case they accidentally encounter these snap traps.

Rodent Control: Poisons

Mouse and rat poisons are the very definition of hit and miss when it comes to pest control. Since they have extremely acute senses, most mice and rats commonly avoid poisons to start with. Any rodents that wind up consuming the poison need to consume a certain amount to get a lethal dose; if less than that, then they will just get sick. Cleaning the poison up could also be a bit of a difficulty as rodents could still move away from the poison right after getting their dose. Homeowners must note that rodent poisons are not just toxic to rodents. Children and pests must be kept away from poisoned locations and poisons must be kept locked in cabinets for security purposes.

Rodent Control: Humane Live Traps

Humane live traps could capture the pesky rodents alive, which means they can be relocated far from your home. It is crucial to check live traps several times a day to make sure that any trapped rats or mice aren’t kept in traps for a very long time. Live traps likewise pose the problem of relocating the animal safety. Without the appropriate wildlife training, you could easily be bitten when you release the animal. The best and safest method to employ humane live traps for you as well for your rodent is to employ an expert wildlife removal and relocation firm that employs a more humane trapping as well as relocation. These experts could make sure that everyone involved are kept safe all throughout the removal procedure. They then could analyse your house for rodent entryways and provide tips on how you could deter mice and rats from utilizing those paths into your home once again.

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