Saturday, July 29, 2023

Choosing Between DIY or Professional Pest Control Service

Homeowners who are budget conscious are always looking for ways to save cash on home repairs and maintenance. You’ll find a lot of information about this topic. Do a basic search online and you will get millions of results on different topics. One of the things that a lot of homeowners are thinking of doing by themselves is pest control.

There are different DIY pest products on the market these days and it can be quite tempting to address a pest problem just to save a few bucks. The truth of the matter is that there are some instances when DIY pest control can get the job done right away but there are also some cases when you need to hire a pest control in Myrtle Beach specialist.

DIY Pest Control

DIY pest control is suitable for mild pest infestation. For instance, if you have forgotten to clean up spills or crumbs and you find a line of ants on your counter, there’s no need to panic.

You don’t have to call an exterminator just yet. You can see the reason why these little critters entered your house. All you need to do is seal up the breach where the ants came in and deal with the ones that managed to enter your house, and then clean the spill.

pest-control-2-4-300x300.jpgYou can do these things yourself using products that you can find from your local store. Another good example is dealing with the occasional spider. You can begin by cleaning up the webs you see and take care of the clutter, where spiders love to hide.

Then spot treats whenever you see a spider on your floor. Many spiders you find in your home won’t do you any harm but you should still be cautious when trying to get rid of these pests.

Professional Pest Control

There are certain types of pest infestation that requires the help of a pest control specialist. Bed bugs and termites are two kinds of pests that need to be addressed in certain ways. Termites can do a lot of damage to your house without you knowing it. They could eat away at the structure of your home and lead to problems involving the foundation of your home that could eventually result in a lot of other problems.

Treating a pest infestation efficiently needs a lot of knowledge and work. You need to know the specific kind of termite infestation that you have in your house. Bed bugs won’t damage your house in ways that termites will but they can be very hard to get rid of. You must never risk the well-being of your family by trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own. In these instances, it is better to call in a pest control specialist.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you need the help of a pest control specialist in getting rid of the pest infestation that you have in your home.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Pest Control Tips: How Can Humidity And Moisture Worsen Your Pest Problem At Home

Moisture, as well as humidity, provide the best settings for mosquitoes and pests to multiply. Here are some pest control tips to help you deal with this.

Pest Control Tips For Different Seasons

Wet and humid conditions are the favorite environments of pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, crickets, earwigs, and so on to grow and survive. In warm weather conditions and with the boost in humidity following the rains, there is a good possibility that pests like mosquitoes will breed and infest a property.

Each house has certain places that does not totally dry up and leaves some level of moisture behind. There are some areas that have slopes where moisture has a tendency to accumulate.

The rainy season also adds to the mosquito and pest issues in the house because it boosts the humidity level in the atmosphere. The rainwater accumulates and forms puddles in spots with a slope or in open containers and bins that may be lying around in your garden or yard, eventually creating water areas that are stagnant.

These are the best places where a pest infestation can begin since the majority of pests will lay their eggs and develop into larvae in these locations. They will then become adults in just a few days and spread the infestation immediately. Mosquitoes are commonly found breeding in trashcans, coolers, wet buckets, as well as recycling bins.

pest-control-2-3-300x226.jpgThese areas are usually neglected. Homeowners are asked to keep their recycling bins and trashcans dry by drilling some holes at the bottom so that the moisture will drain. Moisture can lead to a humid setting, especially during the warmer months. Moist, humid, and hot weather are the primary reasons for pest infestations in gardens, backyards, and inside the house.

Another area that is also considered the best breeding environment for pests is the leaky hose in the pool area as well as the grass lawns. The mosquitoes love to stay in these places during the summer. The pool water will provide them with the humidity and moisture they need to survive.

It is important to clean the pools regularly and treat not only the pool but water tubs as well with chlorinated water. Hoses with leaks become the perfect breeding ground because they collect water and then hold moisture. And since these spots are often unnoticed, hidden, and dark, pests can thrive effectively.

Therefore, you need to correct the problem if you want to stop the leak and clean up the hidden and dark places underneath the hoses so you can protect your home from pests. Furthermore, the grasses and bushes that have grown too long in your lawns are the perfect areas for crickets, mosquitoes, and roaches because they usually look for wet and dark places to thrive and hide. Be sure to regularly trim your lawns to stop pests from growing. You can also get the professional help of a Myrtle Beach pest control company.

A timely and careful inspection and assist you in avoiding pest infestations during the warmer and rainy seasons. Humidity and moisture are the primary contributors to the pest problem that you have at home. Since you cannot control the weather, you can do something to protect your home from harmful pest infestation. You might have to hire a pest control company to evaluate your home’s situation.

If you are looking for one, be sure to call Zap Pest Control Inc. now.

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Friday, July 21, 2023

The Importance Of Regular Pest Control

No one likes to think about pest control. After all, who likes the idea of spiders, roaches, or termites coming in and wreaking havoc in our homes? Many times, it has nothing to do with how clean you are or how much you sanitize your home.

Pests just have a way of invading our personal space and coming where they aren’t welcome. You really cannot completely eradicate these pests without the help of regular maintenance from a pest control service.

It takes specialized experiences and chemicals not available to the average person. Not to mention, it can be dangerous to deal with these pests on your own.

But the biggest misunderstanding about trying to do control pests yourself is that even if you got them out of your immediate space, you have still failed to get where they breed and that’s where the infestation starts. Their nests must also be eradicated.

What Should My Plan Be For Pest Control?

It’s very dangerous to your family’s health to have mice, rats, roaches, bed bugs, spiders, termites, or any number of other pests uncontrolled in or near your home. If they are not gotten rid of immediately, then they will multiply and become far more difficult to manage. Just like other creatures, they are often looking for warm places, so during the winter, we see them coming in our homes through the cracks around stoves, vents, etc. When it comes to termites, they can absolutely destroy your home, so it’s crucial that you get your property inspected regularly by a professional pest control expert.

pest-control-2-2-300x200.jpgThere are different approaches to treatment for different pests, but they can all be extinguished, so take heart! If you have one pest or multiple species of pests, a professional pest control in Myrtle Beach company can come and extinguish them all with one treatment.

Once the treatment is finished and the pests are no longer a bother to you, then there are some things you can do to keep it that way. Exercise good sanitation habits. Do not leave dirty dishes for very long and don’t leave food sitting out.

Also, plant lots of herbs out by your home—they are a great deterrent for many pests! Plus, you can use them in your cooking. Basil, rosemary and thyme, and mint are just a few.

The only way to ensure that you remain pest-free is to schedule regular maintenance visits with your pest control company like Zap Pest Control Inc. With today’s technology, there’s no reason at all that you should have to deal with rodents or pests of any kind inside your home! But it does take some vigilance on your part.

Nothing is more important than the safety and health of you and your family.

Please call us at Zap Pest Control Inc. today and we’ll be happy to come help you get a plan that works for you.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Pest Control Tips For Businesses

Pest control for commercial properties can save business owners lots of time and money, not to mention safeguard their reputation. With the growing popularity of social media reviews on almost all kinds of businesses these days, a post regarding the discovery of a pest on your property is a huge headache that all property managers would like to avoid.

Commercial Pest Control Tips

Use Door Sweeps

In most cases, property managers think that pests come through unnoticeable cracks in the property foundation or walls. What they tend to forget is that doors are among the easiest entry points for pests, too.

One affordable and effective method to prevent pests from getting inside your establishment is through door sweeps. They can stop rodents and insects from moving through small openings under the door. It minimizes the need to hire a Myrtle Beach pest control company.

Service Floor Drains Regularly

We like to think that the food waste that goes down our drain poses no threat because it just disappears without a problem. But the fact remains that residual food particles can produce an odor that can attract unwanted pests. You should make sure that your janitorial and maintenance team will service your floor drains, especially unused ones, on a regular basis.

Choose The Right Plants, Flowers, and Trees

We all know that landscaping can improve the aesthetics of your commercial building’s exterior. However, it can also increase your property’s chances of attracting pests.

pest-control-2-1-300x255.jpgThere are certain types of trees, flowers, and plants that can draw in various kinds of insects and wildlife. Be sure to ask your landscaping company to minimize or even avoid the use of these kinds of plants and trees.

Empty Your Trash

Your trash cans and recycling bins are two of the most loved places for almost all kinds of pests. Even if you use liners, food particles can build up at the sides and bottom of the bins. Be sure that your bins have self-closing lids and are emptied regularly on a regular basis.

Remove Standing Water

Rats, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, the enemies of a pest control company, also love standing water. Time some time to check your property and remove standing water.

You should also check for potholes in parking lots, plant pots, as well as bird baths. Regularly inspect your hoses, sprinklers, as well other automatic watering systems to ensure that they are not overwatering your yard.

Minimize Rotting Food

If you are running a processing facility or if you have a food storage center on your property, you need to find ways to minimize food rotting. You have to follow the first in, first out rule, which means whatever food item you bring in first should be the first that comes out. Reducing rotting food will also help in minimizing fruit flies, which like any decaying organic material.

Check Your Rooftop

Your roof is one place that is often neglected when it comes to maintenance because it is not that easily accessible. However, you should never ignore your roof.

It should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that there are no pest infestations. Search for dirty gutters, pooling water, or any other sign of damage that can lead to pest infestation.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you want to make sure that your commercial property is pest free.

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Friday, July 14, 2023

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Overrunning your Home

Did you know that mosquitoes have the nickname “swamp angels?” It’s ironic because they’re anything but angelic. Their bites cause itchy allergic reactions, they transmit deadly diseases to humans, and just their buzz alone is enough to drive someone crazy. If you want to avoid the wrath of the “swamp angel,” use the tips below.

Get rid of standing water.

It’s breeding grounds for mosquitoes in Myrtle Beach. Have you ever gone canoeing and noticed a swarm of mosquitoes on the surface of the lake having what looks like a mosquito party? This is because they need water to hatch their eggs.

They spend the first 10 days of their lives in water. Now, picture the same swarm of mosquitoes in your backyard. It can happen if you leave out a bucket, birdbath, or any other container that can collect water. You can either make sure these items are covered or replace the water regularly to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Maintaining your lawn keeps mosquitoes away.
Mosquitoes use tall grass and overgrown shrubs as shelter. In addition to water, they like cool and humid areas. Keeping grass cut and shrubs trimmed will help keep them away from your lawn.

mosquitoes-2-300x195.jpgMake sure your pipes are in good shape.
Leaky pipes and a poor irrigation system can create favorable conditions for mosquitoes. Again, they love water in any way, shape, or form.

Check your window and door screens.
Make sure that your windows and doors have screens to prevent mosquitoes from going inside your home and that the mesh is the correct size. The holes in the mesh can’t be too big otherwise, the mosquitoes will fly right through the screen. There shouldn’t be any rips or tears in the screens, because they can find a way through them.

Use repellant.
There are a variety of mosquito repellants you can use. Products containing DEET are known to be effective. Many use repellant spray, citronella candles, and plant oils.

The best and easiest way to get rid of and prevent mosquitoes is to call ZAP. We take pride in protecting families from mosquitoes. We want you to be able to enjoy your property without being terrorized by those disease-carrying insects. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

How Can An Ant Exterminator Help You?

Nobody wants to see an ant infestation in their home, yard or any other building that they may have. If it’s just a few, then the homeowner won’t have any problem getting rid of it using home remedies or commercial products.

But if it is an ant infestation, it is best to call a pest control expert like an ant exterminator who can get rid of them. Ants may be found in several places since they are lured by food that’s left behind. Apart from treating the pest problem, they would also concentrate on preventing them from becoming an infestation.

Ant Exterminators: Pest Control Experts

Once the pest control expert comes to your house, the first thing they will do is find out what kind of ant is causing the problem. There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the entire world and that’s why they need to know what is in your house. In the United States, there are over 450 ant species.

The good news is that there are only a few species that cause problems in your home. Most pest control experts are capable of recognizing what species is causing the problem and they will come up with the best strategy to get rid of the issue. It’s crucial to know which ant species is causing the infestation to determine how to fight the problem and what is the best treatment method to use.

ants-2-1-300x225.jpgThe ant exterminator would take the time to really know the situation and also talk to the clients regarding their personal concerns. In case there are pests or kids at home in the house that could affect how the issue will be addressed. Even a small amount of pesticide could be harmful to them so it’s crucial for a consultation to take place before any pest control treatment is administered.

In case the ant species is dangerous to wood, pest control may check the crawl spaces as well as other parts of the house to check if there are any infestations of this type of species. This isn’t just done to see the level of infestation and how much damage has been incurred already. Not all Myrtle Beach ant exterminators would do this so you should ask them if this is included in the estimate.

When the identification, as well as the consultation, is done, the next thing to do is to determine the safest way to get rid of the ants. They could use common pesticides or chemical treatments.

In many instances, using ingested poisons is the option that’s preferred by these pest control in Myrtle Beach experts since this strategy doesn’t kill other insects in the area. In case an exterminator finds a colony, they could suggest immediate treatment by spraying it with an insecticide or by using a solution that is not harmful to your health or to the environment.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you need the help of an exterminator to get rid of the infestation in your home.

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Friday, July 7, 2023

Warning Signs That Suggest You Need Pest Control Services

If you are one of those who currently have problems with pest infestations, please read the info provided below to better evaluate your situation and come up with the best pest control solution.

Keep in mind that seeking the services of a pest control company in Myrtle Beach is not always necessary. Mild infestations can be handled by the property owner. Sometimes, it’s advisable not to treat the infestation excessively so that the general ecosystem will not be negatively affected.

It is natural to see insects in your home and your lawn in Myrtle Beach, especially if you are in a suburb or an outlying area. Again, It must be kept in mind that particular population levels of animals and insects are important to the environment.

It must also be pointed out that more often than not, the food chain hierarchy naturally controls the populations. Pest infestations are regarded as nuisances in cases when they thrive and multiply en masse in residential or commercial spaces, lead to health problems as well as property damages or risks, and eat the food that belongs to us.

When To Call A Professional Pest Control Company

So… when should you get the services of a professional pest control company? Some good examples are provided below:

1) If the pest population in your home or commercial space reaches massive proportions then it is best to call a pest control professional. 

In most cases, being shocked by two cockroaches or rats is bearable, although naturally creepy. It may be simple to catch them with the use of traditional techniques and products on the market today.

But in case the pest population that’s lurking in your property is already enormous, you might find it hard to eradicate all of them. Furthermore, these pests can adapt to your pest control method, therefore, making your efforts ineffective.

pest-control-2-300x200.jpgCockroaches may be resistant to pesticides and rats may be wiser in terms of traps. Once you see that the pest population found in your house is too much to handle, you need to bring in the big guns.

2) If you see signs of property damage, you should get professional pest control services.

Numerous kinds of pests can result in damage to your property, particularly in areas that are made of rubber, wood, paper, and plastic. Mice and rats enjoy munching on all these materials and can rip them apart using their sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

This holds for carpenter ants and termites. These pest colonies can easily destroy an edifice made of wood. The pest could also ruin valuable items like clothes, important documents, as well as furniture.

Once again, if you see even small damage to the structure of your home or office, do not hesitate to obtain professional pest control services.

3) If pests exhibit either a health or safety concern, you should deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. 

The most common pests that can do this are rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, termites, centipedes, fleas, millipedes, and of course, poisonous spiders. All these pests pose certain risks to you and your family.

They may cause sickness, pain, and in worse cases, death. Some spiders such as the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow give strong venom as they bite. They can result in serious injuries and in some cases even death.

pest-control-300x200.jpgLarge rats, cockroaches as well as other pests may also bite and even spread bacteria and diseases that they have obtained somewhere else. If you find that the potential risks presented by these pests are alarming and severe, hire a pest control expert like Zap Pest Control Inc. right away.

4) If pests leave signs of infestation.

When the pests in your residential or commercial try to hide from plain sight, you will still find ways to find and prove that they exist. Pests leave signs like their tracks, droppings, and the damage they make. If you have witnessed a lot of these warning signs of pest infestation, you need to call your trusted pest control company immediately.

Let the professionals at Zap Pest Control Inc. take care of your infestation problems. We offer an extensive range of pest control services that are safe, efficient, and budget-friendly.

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Monday, July 3, 2023

Ants In The House: Unveiling the Risks and Health Concerns in Myrtle Beach

Discovering the world of ants in your home can be a common occurrence during the summer months, especially in the beautiful coastal city of Myrtle Beach. While these tiny insects may appear harmless, they can wreak havoc if not swiftly dealt with.

In this article, we will provide you with essential information about ant control in Myrtle Beach, including the lifecycle of ants, colony development, and the potential dangers posed by ants in your home.

The Lifecycle of Ants: Unveiling Colony Growth

Understanding the lifecycle of ants is crucial in comprehending their behavior and implementing effective Myrtle Beach pest control measures.

Here are the stages of an ant’s lifecycle:

  • Egg Stage: After successful mating, the queen ant lays eggs in a secure location. These eggs typically hatch within one to two weeks, giving rise to larvae.
  • Larval Stage: The larvae require nourishment, and other worker ants diligently feed them with regurgitated food, aiding their growth.
  • Pupal Stage: The pupae resemble adult ants but have their legs and antennae folded against their bodies. Initially, they appear whitish and gradually darken as they mature.
  • Adult Stage: Once the pupal stage is complete, the ant emerges as an adult and assumes its role within the colony.

ants-2-300x239.jpgAnt Dangers: Recognizing the Risks of an Infestation

Ants can pose several dangers that homeowners should be aware of. Some key risks include:

  • Food Contamination: If ants gain access to your food sources, they can contaminate them, rendering them inedible. They are particularly drawn to meats, sugary foods, and greasy substances.
  • Property Damage: Certain ant species, such as carpenter ants, have the potential to cause structural damage to your property. Fire ants, on the other hand, can deliver painful bites, leading to discomfort and potential allergic reactions.

To effectively address an ant infestation, seeking assistance from a professional pest control service near your home is often the most efficient approach.

Ant Prevention Tips: Safeguarding Your Home Against Ants

Implementing preventative measures is crucial to ensure long-term ant control.

Consider the following tips to keep your home ant-free:

  • Trim tree branches and shrubs that come too close to your house, as they can serve as bridges for ants.
  • Promptly clean up food spills to eliminate potential food sources.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers to prevent ant access.
  • Reduce excess moisture in and around your home, as ants are attracted to damp environments.
  • By incorporating these preventive strategies, you can effectively deter ants from entering your home and enjoy a pest-free environment for years to come.

Should you require assistance in dealing with ant-related issues, do not hesitate to contact a professional pest control service.

Embrace an Ant-Free Home: Act Now!

Take charge of your ant control efforts by implementing preventive measures and promptly addressing infestations.

If you require the professional assistance of an exterminator in dealing with these persistent pests, don’t hesitate to reach out and call for immediate help.

Safeguard your home and enjoy a tranquil living space, free from the nuisance of ants. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now.

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