Friday, June 30, 2023

Rodent Control Tips

Rodent control is a daunting task but you don’t want to waste any time especially if you are facing the threat of rodents or other pests in your house. Use the tips provided below and you will be on your way to a healthier and safer home.

Basic Rodent Control Tips

Set Traps

If you would like to try rodent control in Myrtle Beach before calling in a pro, traps could be the best yet simplest way to solve this problem. Trapping could be performed using different methods, however, the basic old snap trap continues to be one of the most common and extremely effective rat traps available on the market today. It is used commonly in the professional community. Another option is the catch-and-release rat traps, which are known to be the most humane product you could purchase.

Know The Red Flags

Rodent damage occurs slowly and quietly over time, however, it could wreak havoc as a fire or flood. To stop the disaster, you have to be watchful for signs of rodents in your house. Rats and mice are nocturnal, any nighttime scratching, gnawing, and noises must not be ignored. The attic is the favorite nesting spot of rodents. Monitor the thermostat. If there are rodents in the attic, you will notice fluctuations in your heating and cooling unit and lower your energy efficiency. Check your pets. They can also be a good indicator that something is wrong. If they feel that their territory has been invaded, they could act defensive or restless.

rodent-control-2-300x200.jpgSafety First

Mice and rats are carriers of dangerous diseases and parasites that could be severely damaging to people. These health problems are presented through rodent feces and food contamination.

A serious pulmonary disease, hantavirusis one that you should be watchful for if you have rats in your attic. You should worry about salmonella if rodents are in your kitchen because they can contaminate your food through their urine or feces. In case you are suffering from allergies, it could be due to the urine and feces that rats and mice leave behind.

Get Rid Of All Entry Points

A lot of people focus only on the rodents inside their houses. However, to truly get rid of rodent infestation, all possible entry points in your house should be sealed off. You have to seal off all of the entry points using materials that are rat-proof so you can prevent them from returning.

Go Green

Rodenticides are pest control for rodents. However, they can poison not just rodents but other pets as well. They may suffer from accidental deaths. You have to protect your family and pets from the effects of these harmful chemicals. There are green methods that you can use to get rid of rodents. There is the ultrasonic rat deterrent, which gives off high-frequency sound waves that make sounds that rats do not like.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are looking for a reliable pest exterminator in Myrtle Beach.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Summer Pest Control Tips

The weather is warming up and the bugs are starting to swarm!  Most pests such as mosquitoes, ants, bees, millipedes, flies and termites will breed at a higher rate in summer than any other season of the year.  Summer also tends to bring dryer weather which forces these pesky insects inside in search of food and water.  Since prevention is better than cure, homeowners need to be armed with sufficient information on the pest control measures to be taken in order to prevent invasion by pests at their homes.

Simple Tips For Summertime Pest Control

Mosquitoes are one of the most popular pests known in the world. One of the key issues to tackle is the destruction of the breeding sites of the pests. Dumpy environments with stagnant water encourage the breeding of mosquitoes. This is dangerous since mosquitoes can spread disease.

To tackle this problem, you need to drain all the stagnant water around your home. This should be encouraged even amongst neighbors to come together and dry up the area to avoid a breeding site in your neighborhood affecting others.

In addition, it is important to keep vegetation from being too near to the site of your home. Unnecessary vegetation should be cleared and the grass should be kept short for good pest control in Myrtle Beach. This is because most pests like adult mosquitoes use this vegetation as hiding areas. Any containers that are used to dispose of trash should be always covered. It is also important to consider drilling holes at the bottom of the trash container to prevent it from holding water that can encourage mosquitoes to breed.

While you are cleaning up the yard, you will want to clear all the cobwebs to eliminate spiders around your backyard. This will protect you from the danger of a spider bite.  Here in Myrtle Beach, brown recluse spiders are especially prevalent and very dangerous.

pest-control-2-3-300x200.jpgAnother summertime pest is bees whose sting is very painful and may even cause death in the case of a person with an allergy. It is advisable not to get too close or near their nesting places. Ants are very harmful to humans since they destroy wood by creating nests which they then use to lay eggs and bring up their young.

It is wise to avoid the direct contact between the wood and the ground. It is also good to identify where the parent nest of the ants is in order to apply insecticide and kill the queen, this brings to a halt further reproduction hence bringing down the whole colony. This is one instance where you will want to call an experienced pest control specialist like Zap Pest Control Inc.

One pest control measure to prevent insects from entering your home is to fill any holes in the wall or even leaks on your roof, it is advisable to repair them to prevent pests from easily accessing your house. Pests like mosquitoes and wasps are very active during summer, and it is advisable to keep windows and doors shut most of the time. You may want to avoid being outdoors during morning hours and at dusk, mosquitoes are very active.

Cleanliness is also another pest control tool to curb pests like cockroaches and rodents which feed on the leftovers. To prevent this, ensure that you clean your kitchen and dishes. Always cover or dispose of the leftovers. Homeowners should regularly consider draining and changing the water in flower pots to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Swimming pool covers should also be drained.

These are a few tips that will help cut down on the number of invaders in your home in the summertime.  You will also want to have regular pest control treatments to eliminate problems.

Give Zap Pest Control Inc. a call when you see these summertime pests invading your living space and we will take care of your pest problems.

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Controlling Mosquitoes This Summer With Pest Control

Summertime and mosquitoes seem to go hand in hand. We’ve all had picnics and other outdoor events practically ruined by swarms of biting mosquitoes. They are relentless and can be a huge source of irritation during our summer activities. However, there are things you can do to cut down on the mosquito population in your area, including making summer maintenance for these and other pests a regular part of your routine.

Instead of spending lots of money on DIY fixes such as citronella candles, zappers, bug spray or swatters, consider using professional pest control measures to eliminate mosquito populations inside and around your property.

Why Do I Need Pest Control For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes have to have water to breed. They look for standing water in ditches, flowerpots, clogged gutters, birdbaths and even kiddie pools. Even an old tire lying around can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes if it collects rainwater. Professional pest control in Myrtle Beach can identify problem areas and control the swarms with higher-grade chemicals you cannot access. They also know what is safe for your pets.

What Can I Do To Control Mosquitoes?

There are several Myrtle Beach pest control steps you should take that will help tremendously with insect problems, including mosquitoes.

Get rid of standing water as much as you can. If there are items that you cannot drain, then at least change the water often. Turn over flowerpots, buckets or other items that collect water.

mosquito-2-1-300x300.jpgTrim areas that are overgrown, shady and moist. This will help prevent infestations.

Don’t let them in your home! Keep windows and doors closed, and don’t allow kids to leave doors hanging open when they go outside. If you open your windows, ensure you have screens that fit tightly with no cracks, tears or holes in them. Repair cracks around doorways.

Citronella candles and bug zappers can help during outdoor activities, but one of the best tips for that summer picnic is to point fans where you see swarms. Mosquitoes in Myrtle Beach don’t fly well against moving air, and the fans will push them out of the area you and your friends are gathered in. Remember that mosquitoes also carry diseases, so addressing the problem with a professional company is important.

Don’t try to buy bug control products at your hardware center; it’s futile actually to control the problem. You will need pest control specialists who know how actually to reduce the mosquito population. Don’t let pesky insects ruin this summer’s events! Set up your appointment today before summer gets going!

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. and let our team of pest control experts help get rid of the mosquitoes in your home. 

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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Mosquito Control Tips For Homeowners

It can be a joy to spend time on your own property. This can be a blessing, but it can also be a nightmare. It depends on several factors, including the weather, whether it’s raining and if bugs are present. The mosquito is a major problem for Myrtle Beach property owners. This bug is annoying and can be dangerous.

What you need to know about mosquitoes in Myrtle Beach and why they are so prevalent. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you combat different types of mosquitoes around your home or office. We can offer you some great options for pest control in Myrtle Beach, and we will find the best treatment plan to combat these pests and others.

Mosquitoes – Habits and Behaviors of the Little Fly

You probably don’t know a lot about mosquitoes. Did you know, for example, that only female mosquitoes can steal blood? This is done to feed their eggs. These eggs are laid in pools of water that surround properties. You can find these pools in birdbaths, containers and playground equipment. The hatch mosquitoes will become adults quickly and search for new locations to lay eggs. When not laying their eggs or stealing our blood, these pests feed on nectar from plants and spread pollen. They are beneficial in this way.

The benefits of mosquito repellent do not outweigh any serious health problems that may arise from bites.

Mosquito bites: What are the dangerous?

Mosquitoes are among the most dangerous animals on earth. Mosquitoes are directly responsible each year for nearly a million deaths worldwide. These deaths are primarily caused in countries of the third world, where no medicine is available to treat blood-borne illnesses. We have more access to these medicines in the United States. This does not mean we do not get viruses from mosquitos. You could become sick if an outbreak occurs in your area.

You can avoid mosquitoes using our comprehensive mosquito control options, including professional mosquito control and mosquito prevention tips.

mosquito-2-300x193.jpgMosquito prevention tips for your property

You can prevent mosquito bites in Myrtle Beach by removing breeding grounds from your property. Here are some proactive, simple methods.

  • Remove any sources of standing liquid from your property.
  • Make sure that your gutters are in good condition and clean.
  • Replace the water in birdbaths and ornate pools every four days.
  • Avoid areas where water can accumulate in the future.

Let us lend a hand to help you fight these little irritants. We know the most effective methods in South Carolina to prevent and eliminate mosquitoes.

Mosquito control for your property: The key to success

It is easy to get rid of mosquitoes in Myrtle Beach. Hiring a pest control expert is the best way to do it. We offer advanced solutions at Zap Pest Control Inc. to keep these biting insects from creating trouble on your property. Other yard pests are also treated with our pest control services. Let us help you today if you want to be able to enjoy your yard without worrying about dangerous bites.

Contact Zap Pest Control Inc. for more information about our mosquito-control services and to find the best treatment time for your Myrtle Beach property.

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Friday, June 16, 2023

Why Must South Carolina Residents Need Termite Control This Summer

South Carolina’s summers are hot and humid, and termites can pose a serious danger to your home. As spring approaches, termite activity and swarming increases. You cannot eliminate termites on your own. It is important to seek professional treatment from a pest control company with experience.

Why termites love South Carolina

Our area in South Carolina has a humid, warm climate that is perfect for termites. Unfortunately, we live in a state that is home to Formosan, Drywood, and Subterranean termites. Formosan termites are the most destructive of the three. They can form colonies that contain millions of termites.

When to Expect Swarmers & Termite Activity

Myrtle Beach termites usually swarm after a warm spring rain. In South Carolina they could swarm in smaller numbers through summer, so keep an eye on signs of termite activities. They swarm to find a mate and establish a new colony. This is when you may see the most activity from termites. This does not mean that termites are the most active at this time. Termites are active in the summer and autumn months when they build their colonies. They are usually hidden behind walls or inside wood, or even under your floor, causing extensive damage to your house. If the conditions are ideal, they will continue to be active in your home throughout the year. This can cause extensive damage to your home and expensive repairs that homeowners insurance does not cover.

Why Professional Treatment and Prevention is Important

Termites are almost impossible to control using DIY methods. You can try to discourage termites by keeping your property and home dry and clear of wood debris, but it is usually ineffective. It’s better to hire professional pest control services.

A professional termite prevention and treatment plan is essential to protect your home. Call Zap Pest Control Inc.  now.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

How To Get Rid of Swarmer Termites

Although termites can benefit the environment, they can be silent destroyers to your home’s structural integrity. They cause extensive damage before you realize there is a problem. The average homeowner will spend approximately $3,000 in repairs once they realize there is a termite problem. These insects cause around $5 billion in damages in the U.S. annually.

Swarmer termites in Myrtle Beach can signal an infestation with discarded wings or visible insects around your home. It’s essential to take measures to avoid these insects and take action the second you see signs of them.

Swarmer Termites: All You Need to Know

Here are some specifics to help identify this pest.

What Do Swarmer Termites Look Like?

Swarmer termites are black, dark brown, beige, red, or tan, depending on the species. They have six legs and straight antennae.

Unlike other insects, these pests have a thick, elongated body section without segments.

Swarmer termites sport four wings, each of equal shape and size. These wings are double their body size, are see-through without color, and have a veiny appearance.

Once termites mate, they drop their wings.

Swarmer Termite vs Flying Ant

Swarmer termites have straight antennae. On the other hand, flying ants’ antennae have a bend in them. Swarmer termites are also easily distinguished by their thick, broad one-section body. Alternatively, flying ants have a pinched waist that separates the thorax from the abdomen.

Although both swarmer termites and flying ants have wings, they appear differently. These troublesome termites will have two sets of wings of equal size. Their wings are double their body size. In addition, they will be see-through and have a vein-like appearance.

Flying ants will also sport two sets of wings, but the front set will be larger than its back set. These wings are brown and more proportionate to the ant’s body size.

If you are unsure which pest plagues your home, the professionals can help you quickly identify your problem.

termites-2-1-296x300.jpgAre Swarmer Termites Dangerous?

Homeowners may be concerned with their safety if they face termite problems. So naturally, not knowing what an insect is capable of can be nerve-wracking. Thankfully, swarmer termites aren’t a health risk and do not often bite humans.

Still, these common pests can harm your home’s structural integrity and cause extensive damage. If they go unnoticed and untreated, there can be a risk to personal safety and bring an expensive repair bill to a home where swarmer termites reside.

Termites can enter a home through air vents, cracks in the exterior, or by eating through wood features. They feed on items that contain cellulose, including wood items and paper products, to get energy and reproduce.

Swarmer Termite Season

Swarming is a necessary stage of the termite’s lifecycle. It is the time when termites reproduce when they have outgrown their current colony and need to expand elsewhere. Swarms contain both male and female termites. Depending on the colony size, they may consist of hundreds or even thousands of insects.

It will typically happen after rainfall on a warm spring day without wind. These conditions are ideal for finding a mate and growing a new colony.

The subterranean termite’s swarming season happens only once per year, usually during the spring and early summer months. Still, some species of termites will swarm in the late summer and early fall.

Thankfully, termite swarms do not last long and are over after 30 to 40 minutes. However, this short period is significant enough for these pests to find their mate and a new place to call home.

Do’s and Don’ts During Swarmer Termite Season

Being proactive during swarmer termite season can ensure you catch an infestation before it becomes disastrous. You may also be able to prevent termite activity from entering your home at all.


  • Include the exterior when checking for termites. Inspect any cracks or holes for discarded wings, droppings, or dead insects.
  • Vacuum up any termite swarmers that you see. You can discard the vacuum bag or canister contents in the trash.
  • Call local pest control when you spot swarmer termites. Seeking a professional pest control service is the best action to ensure the problem is resolved.


  • Don’t remove or open walls. Sustaining the integrity of the structure is critical for effective treatment.
  • Don’t spray the swarmer termites. Watching them will indicate where they are coming from or entering a home for further treatment.
  • Don’t delay taking action because the longer you wait, the more damage they can cause.

termite-inspection-300x225.jpgHow to Get Rid of Swarmer Termites

Although spotting winged termites can be problematic, worker termites are the ones that do the real damage. Getting rid of swarmer termites is not a simple job. Someone who attempts the task alone may miss the workers, that will continue to cause harm.

Additionally, many homeowners find the task overwhelming to complete themselves. Having the help of a professional will mean that it is done properly. A trained pest control technician uses comprehensive methods to ensure that the entire colony is treated and removed rather than just the ones you see.

If you want to try some methods on your own, here are some techniques that may provide some relief:

  • Direct Sunlight or Freezing Method: If the infestation is within an item like a chair or shelf, remove it from the house. Put it in direct sunlight or a freezer for several days.
  • The Cardboard Trap: Use two pieces of cardboard, wet them, and stack them on top of each other in a place where you have an infestation. It will attract termites; when it contains pests, remove it and burn it safely. You can repeat this process, but it will not eliminate the colony.
  • Use Boric Acid: Homeowners can coat bait stations or cardboard traps with boric acid. It will attack their nervous system and dehydrate them when eaten, resulting in death.

Do Swarmer Termites Indicate an Infestation?

If you see swarmer termites, it may not mean that your home has an active infestation, but it is concerning. Swarms indicate that a colony is nearby. If you do not care about the problem, you may quickly have an issue with these pests in your home.

The time of day swarmer termites make their debut will depend on their species as some prefer warm daytime hours, while others come out at dusk.

New colonies will be small and take time to grow and mature. On average, a colony is large enough to start creating swarms after five years. Unfortunately, a building might be damaged before homeowners even see a swarm.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

If you know what to look for, you can identify a termite infestation sooner rather than later.

Discarded Wings: You may find dropped wings around window sills, doorways, or other areas of the home.
Frass: This is the excrement from termites that resembles loose sawdust.
Hollow Wood: Tapping on window sills or baseboards that sound hollow can indicate termites eating through the wood.
Mud Tunnels: These come from the soil to the colony and combine mud, termite saliva, and wood. They protect the termites as they move.
Wood Damage: Termite damage often resembles water damage on wood areas. It is similar to rot but will have dry and hollow holes within the wood.

Say Goodbye to Swarmer Termites!

Unfortunately, if you spot swarmer termites near your home, it often means that a mature termite colony is near. An established colony with swarms will mean that these pests have been around for years, causing damage.

Because signs of termites can go undetected for a long time, finding a solution is critical once you recognize a problem. Contact Zap Pest Control Inc. today so we can do a proper termite inspection and help determine how much damage you are facing. We’ll get rid of your termite problem in no time.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Live A Pest Free Life With The Help Of A Pest Control Company

It’s crucial to live a healthy and happy life. This could be achieved by exercising, eating good food, and caring for your health. But, there are a few things that, if not monitored, could create havoc in your life. One of these things is having pests at home. Their presence might cause health problems for your loved ones and even your pets. Therefore, it is important to take the appropriate steps and hire the services of a reputable pest control company.

Even if you regularly clean and sanitize your home, you might not be able to get rid of pests totally. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to fumigate your home, and this can be achieved by hiring an exterminator like Zap Pest Control Inc.

Hiring Pest Control Experts

The process involved in getting rid of pests from your house all by yourself could be cumbersome as well as time-consuming. Even if you scrub your basins and sinks, you will find cockroaches running around, which is something you don’t want to see. When you hire the services of a pest control company, they’ll use the appropriate chemicals to get rid of these irritating critters.

Pests like cockroaches, ants, termites, and rodents would make their way into your houses and eliminating them could be a significant task, not to mention the mess they would create. Rodents and rats would eat away your clothes, electric cable wires, and documents. The whole environment becomes dirty and unhealthy.

pest-control-2-2-300x189.jpgIf you check the internet, you will find many pest control companies in your area. You can even ask your friends, relatives, and coworkers if they have hired an exterminator before so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the service you’ll get. A pest control company would also offer services such as thermography and fumigation.

Choose one that’s registered and has a valid license. These firms would have expert pest control specialists who will check your house first and use the right tools to get the job done. You should also check what machines or equipment will be used to exterminate the pests in your house. You must find out if they’re safe if they need to use some chemicals. Ideally speaking, go for firms that use organic pest control solutions. But if the exterminator has to use chemicals, it’s important to ensure that it won’t risk your or your family’s health.

pest control in Myrtle Beach expert would inspect the infected area, recommend the kind of treatment that should be done, and provide you with an estimate. Be sure to read the clauses carefully before signing any contract. Don’t forget to check the reviews posted by their previous clients. This will give you an idea of the quality of service they provide.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are looking for a pest control company to help you eliminate pests in your home.

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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Mosquito, Pest Control and Prevention Guide for Homeowners

What is the best method to eliminate mosquitoes from outside? Hire pest control services. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance to those who enjoy outdoor activities. These insects bite people, transmit mosquito-borne diseases, and are a major public health concern. Experts estimate that there are more than 3,000 mosquito species worldwide.

Mosquito control professionals can help homeowners reduce mosquito populations and keep them away. A licensed Myrtle Beach pest control company has an expert team who knows what attracts mosquitoes and what can be done to eliminate them quickly.

Nearly everyone has been bitten by a mosquito.

Female mosquitoes feed on blood from humans and animals. Female mosquitoes get their proteins from blood consumption. The females use a special mouthpart called a proboscis, which is used to pierce the skin and collect blood.

Bitten humans will develop a reddish bump that itches and is irritated. Mosquitoes are vectors for a variety of diseases that mosquitoes can transmit.

Mosquito bites can spread dangerous diseases.

What diseases are spread by mosquitoes? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency active in public health, explains mosquitoes as a source of the Zika virus, West Nile virus and malaria.

The female mosquitoes lay their eggs in freshwater pools. Those who live near lakes, ponds or marshy regions are more at risk of being infected by these pests.

pest-control-2-1-300x300.jpgFive No-Nonsense Mosquito Prevention and Pest Control Tips

Do you own a home in Myrtle Beach and are looking for the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard? Here are five ways to keep mosquitoes away:

  • Remove planters, tarps and kiddie pools, then fill in the holes.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts so that rainwater can flow away from the foundation of the building.
  • Consider using yellow LED outdoor bulbs instead of bright lights that may attract mosquitoes.
  • Citronella and other essential oils, such as lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, have repellent properties.
  • Use EPA-approved DEET, picaridin or IR3535 products to prevent mosquito bites.

Even those who follow the best prevention methods may still be exposed to these flying pests. Local pest control companies employ well-trained technicians who have the tools to safely and effectively expel adult mosquitoes from your property and prevent them from breeding there.

Pro Mosquito control offers the best protection for your yard

What is the best way to rid Myrtle Beach residents of mosquitoes? Contact the pros for mosquito control services.

After receiving a request from a property owner who is plagued with mosquitoes, we will send a pest management specialist to perform a pest inspection. The inspection will identify any conditions on the property that could encourage mosquito activity. Our professional will answer all questions and provide the best treatment options.

Our management team is committed to safety. We perform our operations in a way that protects our customers, their pets, and our local ecosystem. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. today to learn more about our effective pest control solutions.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

How to Protect Your Home from Termites in a Foolproof Way

All kinds of people seem to be drawn to the lifestyle. Unfortunately, termites are also attracted to this lifestyle. Everyone has heard of termite damage. You probably know that termites can cause damage to your home. There are many misconceptions about termites. What you don’t understand could cost you a lot of money.

It can take termites up to one year and a quarter to cause serious damage to your home. Subterranean termites are the most damaging and effective termites that can invade your house. They cause homeowners $3,000 worth of damage in 18 months.

Drywood termites and other termites that prefer to feed on wood that is not damaged will typically cause the same amount of damage within two years. Ultimately, termites are expensive but can be avoided if you detect an infestation early.

It is difficult to detect worker termites. The termites that are eating your house away will not be visible to you, but there may be other signs. Subterranean termite invasions are usually characterized by the following:

Mud tubes are typically found at the base of your home’s foundation walls, either on the exterior or in the basement.

Tightening the frame around your windows and doors: If you find opening or closing them difficult, termites may have caused internal damage.

When potential enemies threaten soldier termites, they may make clicking noises to warn the other termites.

Damage to wood that is visible: This can be seen in outdoor areas, especially in wooden fences and decks.

termites-2-300x200.jpgYou’ll see many of the same symptoms if your home has been infested by dry wood termites. The mud tubes are an exception. Drywood termites are not subterranean, and so do not create tubes on the foundation walls. Frass is excrement and sawdust that they leave behind as they dig their tunnels.

Do not try to eliminate termites alone if you see any of these symptoms. This will only lead to a prolonged infestation. Call a pest control expert instead of buying store-bought products that are rarely effective.

Ways To Avoid Termites

There are many ways to prevent an infestation.

Properly maintaining your lawn can reduce the clutter and moisture that attract termites. Controlling moisture problems in your home can reduce the chances of an insect infestation. Termites will be repelled by storing firewood, wood and other materials up and away from your house. By creating a barrier of pine straw, or gravel around your home, you can prevent termites from entering.

When done correctly, professional pest control in Myrtle Beach will protect your house from termites more effectively than any other method. One method will guarantee to keep termites out of your home. Is it worth risking thousands of dollars to DIY termite control?

Don’t let the health of your house be at risk. Professional termite control is key to termite control and prevention.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. today to learn more about our guaranteed termite prevention methods.

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Friday, June 2, 2023

Pest Control Tips: Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks this Summer

If you think that your pets and family are safe from fleas or ticks as long as the pests stay in your yard, then this is not true. This is not a guarantee. Fleas, ticks and other parasites will take advantage of any opportunity to attach themselves to us or our animals. Follow these best pest control practices for flea and tick control to keep your family and pets safe during the tick and flea season.

Keep your pets safe from fleas and ticks

What Are Fleas and Ticks?

It can be difficult to distinguish between ticks and fleas due to their similar size and color. Here’s how you can tell them apart.


The fleas are the smaller of the two. The exoskeletons are shiny and reddish brown. Fleas are difficult to see at only 2.5 mm long, especially if you have a pet with dark hair. The fleas don’t possess wings but make up for it by jumping extremely high. They can jump up to eight inches, which is about 150 times their body height. It’s pretty amazing! It’s important to treat your home for fleas every year. Fleas will infest the areas where your cat or dog likes to nap. The fleas bite pets and people but do not live in humans like other pests such as ticks. Fleas are usually brought inside by our pets. The bites of fleas cause red, swollen and itchy bumps. In extreme cases, your dog may have an allergic reaction.


Ticks do not have the same ambition as fleas. Fleas use their ability to jump onto your pet when it passes. Ticks can’t jump well. Ticks prefer to hide under tall grasses, where they can grab onto leaves and stems to cling on to and wait until an animal or person brushes against them. They will then latch on to the victim. They can survive on humans for a long time, unlike fleas. They can be brown, reddish-brown, black, or yellow. Some are about the size of fleas, but most are several millimetres bigger – especially when they’re engorged with venom.

Fleas and ticks can carry diseases

When bitten by a tick or flea, it’s common to experience an itchy bump that typically subsides within a few days. However, it’s important to recognize that these seemingly harmless bites can lead to more serious conditions. For instance, both you and your pet are at risk of contracting illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Equine Encephalitis, and even tapeworm infestation.

Beyond the immediate discomfort, certain individuals may develop unexpected allergies to red meat following a bite. This allergic reaction can occur after repeated exposure to tick bites and can lead to symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to severe allergic responses.

pest-control-2-300x223.jpgHow to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Hiring a Myrtle Beach pest control company is the best and most efficient way to prevent infestations. Top Lawn provides a tick and flea control treatment for your outdoor area to eliminate the bug problem at its root. There are many other ways to protect yourself and your pets besides a professional application.

Do not neglect the mowing schedule

Fleas and ticks are attracted to taller grass, just like many other pests. Keep your lawn mowed so that fleas and other pests are not attracted to your yard.

Do not provide sources of water, food, or shelter

Fleas and ticks will not stay around if they can’t find shelter or water. You can protect your pets by following these tips.

  • Do not let your pet romp in tall ornamental grasses
  • Seal the undersides of decks and porches to prevent your pets from crawling beneath them
  • Overwatering can attract not only mosquitoes but also fleas and ticks.
  • Leaves, twigs and grass clippings or any other organic matter should not be piled up on your lawn
  • Check Your Pets after they’ve been outdoors.
  • The flea comb can be used to remove any bugs that have ridden along with your pet. Don’t forget that fleas or ticks can be hiding between the pads of your dog’s paws.

Install a Privacy Fence

Consider installing a privacy fence if your property is adjacent to a swamp or wooded area. This barrier will prevent pets from running into the woods, and it will also slow down the spread of fleas and ticks. If you have a playscape, treehouse, deck, patio, porch or any other hardscaping features, consider moving them away from wooded areas. If you are considering adding hardscaping to your yard, place it away from wooded areas. It will reduce the chance of pests invading the structure. Don’t worry if your hardscaping is not easily movable. Zap Pest Control Inc. will identify and treat all hotspots of flea and tick activity.

Hire Pest Control Services at Myrtle Beach SC

Zap Pest Control Inc. has been protecting thousands of homes for years from the dangerous and painful bites of ticks and fleas. Our summer insect program will rid your home of ticks, fleas and other irritating bugs throughout the season! Our applications are timed so that there is never a lapse in coverage.

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