Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Why Get Residential Pest Control Services

Pest problems are one of the most difficult issues to deal with at home and this is primarily because of the appliances and furniture within the home that offers cover for the pest inside the house. Compared to pests found outside the house, these residential houses will somehow gain a bit of edge since residents could not go all out on them from inside their homes. These pests like to hide in these areas, which makes them more difficult to deal with since residents can’t just destroy the very home that they worked so hard to put up. The cramped areas in the houses for any regular home maker, and that’s why it is highly recommended to you hire residential pest control services when it comes to this issue.

Hire Professional Myrtle Beach Pest Control

Professional pest control Myrtle Beach services is best option since these individuals are properly trained in handling all of the aspects of this pest issue. They know the right pest control methods to use and the correct equipment to efficiently weed out these pesky critters without causing any kind of undesired damages. They can also determine what spots to strike to make sure that these pests are kept away and that they will be exterminated correctly without giving them a chance to reproduce and give you trouble again.

Another wonderful thing about pest control services such as termite service or mosquito service is that they have obtained access to insecticides that are extremely safe to use and don’t cause any more harm to you or your loved ones.

So, when it comes to getting rid of the pest colonies in your home, pest control is the best option. It’s not that difficult to find a reputable pest control company since you could easily avail their services by searching the internet.

To know more about residential pest control services, call Zap Pest Control Inc.

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Monday, December 14, 2020

How To Reduce Termite Service Costs

 Termites are among the most expensive and time consuming problems homeowners can face. The total amount spent for termite prevention, treatment, and extermination is millions of dollars on a yearly basis. Even with this constantly increasing costs, homeowners could do something to make sure that their termite service costs stay at a reasonable level.

Homeowners have a lot of options when it comes to reducing the costs. The termite inspection is the best option for anyone who would like to take a proactive method for termite treatment. This technique, if performed on a regular basis, could help in reducing termite Myrtle Beach service costs over the long term. It could also help avoid extensive termite damage to your house.

What and Where To Look For Termite Service and Inspection

A termite inspection is done because of different reasons. If done on a regular basis, can help you avoid future infestation and identify the size as well as the severity of an existing infestation and determine the termite damage might already be present. Looking for indications of termites in and surrounding your property is the first thing that needs to be done in a termite inspection. Termite tubes are the top indicators of a current termite infestation although other signs could be present based on how long termites have been gnawing away. Also referred to as mud tubes, termite tubes are small trails that run up the exterior and interior of the house. The tubes’ composition is termite saliva as well as partially digested wood from the colony, together with other organic material could be found.

Termites are subterranean insects. However, that doesn’t mean that there will not be any signs of them on the ground. It’s crucial to do an intensive inspection of your house, both outdoors and indoors when looking for termites. The information below can help you determine where you need to look for to make sure that you do the most extensive inspection possible.

Termite Inspection: What You Need To Know

The duration of a termite inspection will depend on certain factors. Considering the size, complexity, as well as the number of areas to check, a regular inspection could take anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours. These termite inspections must be performed annually to make sure that you remain ahead of any termite issue. In case you live in places with arid climates, termite infestation is inevitable. In case you are trying to decide between performing the inspection on your own or hiring a pest control professional who can do it for you, there are a few things you need to take into account.

The size of your house must be the first thing that you have to take into the account. In case your home is 1,500 square feet or 4,000 square feet, this factor on its own could make a DIY option more of a hassle. You have to assess your accessibility to the places of your home. There are attics that do not have enough rooms to move as well as crawl spaces could be extremely tight that adults would not fit throughout its opening. When was your home built? Older houses could have special areas that are hard to access. The plant life surrounding the property could also make it harder to check the whole perimeter of the house.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are looking for a reliable company offering pest control services like termite service.

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Monday, November 30, 2020

Why Is Pest Control Important During COVID-19?

 Pest control Myrtle Beach services have been instructed by the Department of Homeland Security and the state as essential. We know Myrtle Beach residents are spending a lot of their time at home with their loved ones, without the appropriate pest management in place, the threat of rodents and insects invading their houses will only grow.

Residential pest control is much more important in urban areas. Pests that depend on trash from local businesses and restaurants now operating on a smaller scale or totally closed down, are looking farther and harder for food. With the insufficient pest control services as well as the rise of pests will just lead to a perfect storm for pest infestation.

The threat of pests is both in and out. For instance, rats and mice require only a tiny crack to slip through and when they get inside the house, they will stay sheltered in your house, eating from your kitchen, and making use of undisturbed areas for their bathrooms and bedrooms. Rodent droppings could carry infectious diseases and the problem and damage they inflict on the drywall, electrical wires, as well as other materials could be costly and extensive to repair.

Pest Control and COVID-19

Another good example of pest issues that can have serious effects are mosquitoes and ticks. Because the pandemic is stopping people from moving too much, a lot of them are turning to their lawns and backyards for relaxation and exercise. Unfortunately, mosquito and tick activity is rising every day and with them, the threat of diseases spread by tick or mosquito bites. Encephalitis and Lyme disease are only some of the diseases spread by the bites of mosquitoes and ticks.

The National Pest Management Association said this about their existing situation, “Homeowners might see pests in a brand new and different places during the pandemic. Pests are known to easily adapt to the many changes in their setting and are quickly adapting to the new normal.

Failing to contact a pest control company at the very first sign of a pest problem, or the cancellation of pest control services, could create serious problems that can affect not only your health but also your property.

During the pandemic, Zap Pest Control Inc. will continue to serve commercial and residential owners in Myrtle Beach. But you’ll notice some changes as we follow strict protocols to prevent the spread of the disease. We will observe social distancing and wear protective equipment.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now and let our team of pest control experts help get rid of your pest problems.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Tips To Prevent Pests From Ruining Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving dinner only happens once a year so why should you let pests ruin the dinner that you spent a lot of time preparing. Even in the fall season, pests will not hesitate to come out once they see food. If you would like to keep them at bay, you have to take some pest control tips against invasive pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

Pest Control Tips For A Pest Free Home During Thanksgiving

Always Cover Your Food

Don’t leave food uncovered because if you do, it will only lure pests like flies. A plastic wrap is one good option or you can also keep it on the fridge once your guests have finished eating. In case you serve food in a glass dishware or plastic containers, use lids to cover them so pests are kept at bay.

Do not Allow Trash To Pile Up

It’s very easy to let your garbage pile up one bag after the other. But, that trash will just lure pests such as cockroaches, ants, and flies by the dozens until it becomes a bad infestation. Once the trash can is filled, make sure to take the trash out and put it outside, inside a bin that has a cover.

Lawn Care is a Must

Most pest infestation begin in the lawn and then start to go inside your home. Make sure to mow the lawn grass to a suitable length, and pull out any weeds that may have grown close to your home. A lawn that is well maintained will prevent pest infestation and also stop pest invasions throughout the holidays.

Proper Storage Is Crucial

Buy plastic storage containers that comes with lids for Thanksgiving. When you are done eating, you should keep everything neatly tucked away in containers. You can also label them with the name of the food and the date when it was prepared. Rodents and other pantry pests love to infest any open containers they can find in the cupboard. By storing food properly, you’re keeping pests at bay.

Always Clean Up

Don’t forget to clean after yourself especially when you are cooking. Sweep the floors and make sure the table and countertops are clean if you want to prevent insects from invading your home. This is one of the most important pest control Myrtle Beach tips that you must never forget.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the help of professional pest control specialists to take care of any pest infestation that you have at home.

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Friday, October 30, 2020

Selecting A Reputable Pest Control Company


Most homeowners, landlords, and renters can control household pests by using preventive measures such as good home maintenance methods as well as proper sanitation. However, there are some pest control infestations that are too extensive that you need to hire a pest control company to help you out.

Just like any other service, there are certain things you need to consider like the quality and the value. The company’s competency and cost are crucial as well. When choosing a pest control service, the cost must not be the only key factor that will determine the company that you choose. It is essential that you use the pest control company that is known for their competence. Always remember that your property could be damaged and your health could be put in danger if the pesticides are not used correctly. Before you get in touch with a pest control Myrtle Beach company, here are a few things you need to take into account.

Research Is Important

When homeowners find out that that they have a pest problem, they would like the issue to be eradicated right away. However, most concerns can wait a few more days, which means you have time to choose a reasonably priced and competent pes control firm. It is also prudent to get several estimates from potential pest control experts. Most of them offer free estimates.

What You Need To Ask The Pest Control Company

How long has the firm been offering their services in your local community?

You can consult with the Better Business Bureau, the EPA and the States Departments of Agriculture to find out if there have been complaints filed against the pest control firm or there are people who have complained about the company misusing pesticides.

Can the firm provide a list of references?

Get in touch with different references so you would know if their past customers were satisfied with the service that they have provided.

Is The Person Doing The Job A Certified and Licensed Technician?

Every company should have at least once licensed and certified pesticide applicator. Their applicators should be supervised by a certified applicators.

Can you provide me a copy of your pest control license and labels of the pesticides that you will using?

Reliable pest control companies will have no problem showing you their credentials and can give you copies of pesticide labels that show the ingredients, needed precautions, and correct application rates.

Beware of Individuals Who:

  • Offer pest control services as part of a package deal
  • Do not have a working or listed phone number
  • Have no credentials or proper identification
  • Arrives without notice and tell you right away that they have found insects in your property.
  • Claim that they have a secret formula for their pest control solutions.
  • Claim that they are endorsed by the US EPA, States Department of Agriculture, and other government agencies.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are looking for a competent, reputable, and trustworthy pest control service in Myrtle Beach.

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Eliminating Cockroaches With Regular Pest Control


No one likes to think about it, but the fact is that most of us have had to call in pest control for an infestation of cockroaches in our home at least once. Cockroaches love to live in dark, wet environments, yet they can go up to three months with no food and up to one month with no water! This makes them very stubborn and hard to get rid of, but not impossible.

Following are some pest control tips and facts about these pesky nuisances and how to control them. Cockroaches thrive in wet areas of your home like the kitchen sink, laundry room and even your bathroom. They also tend to come out in the dark or at night when you’re sleeping. That’s why you often see them scatter all over when you turn the kitchen light on in the middle of the night. They are also looking for food.

How To Get Prepared For Pest Control

  1. Calling in a professional pest control company like Zap Pest Control Inc.   is the best way to handle a cockroach problem. They will most likely use a gel bait that the cockroach will eat and then take back to the colony, where all of them will soon die. These baits are placed in the damp areas of the home. The technician can also spray a white powder insecticide, but this can pose problems with kids who are exposed to it, so it’s not the best solution.
  2. Vacuum Them Up! If you vacuum up any dead roaches before your technician arrives, it will help in bringing the numbers down and ridding the entire house of them.
  3. Fix Any Leaks. If you have taps that drip water, call a plumber and get them repaired, as cockroaches love these wet areas. Also, dry the sinks so that there isn’t standing water. The less water that puddles around, the fewer cockroaches will be able to survive. They will eventually move on to find another water source. If you’re not sure whether or not cockroaches Myrtle Beach have taken up residence in your house, then go get your flashlight and look under the sinks. You are looking for particles that look like black sand. These are the droppings of cockroaches and a sure sign that they are hiding somewhere close!

Believe it or not, the bigger roaches are easier to control, even if they are grosser. Spraying insecticides can really control these pests, as they will walk through and eat the insecticide and then carry it back to the colony, thus killing all of them as well. You want to make sure areas like cabinets, drains, kick boards and any cracks or crevices get sprayed well. It should last at least a year before having to re-treat the area. Although dead bugs are no fun to look at, they are a sign that the treatment for pest control is working and you just need to vacuum up the dead ones. Try not to do any cleaning in the areas where the spray is, other than sweeping with a dry broom.

The myth that cockroaches will never be a problem in a clean house is just that—a myth. No matter how clean your house is, roaches may still be a problem until you’ve had a professional Myrtle Beach pest control company to come and treat for them. While it’s true that roaches do feed on crumbs and hang out around water sources, it’s not necessarily a dirty house that invites them. You can bring them home from the grocery store, even. You should strive to make sure no drinks are left out and no food is ever left sitting out. Don’t give the roaches a free invitation! Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests we deal with here in the south.

Call us today at Zap Pest Control Inc. and we will help you eradicate those creepy critters once and for all!

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Pest Control Tips For Flying Insects


The key to home pest control is to prevent these annoying critters from getting inside your house to begin with. In case they already have access to your home, you need to get rid of them as fast as possible so you can prevent them from multiplying even more.

Natural predators can help prevent pests from getting inside your house. Dragonflies, birds, praying mantis, frogs, and spiders can help diminish pests in your property. Here are some pest control tips for moths, flies, and other types of flying insects.

Pest Control Tips For Flies

The most common pest control Myrtle Beach tip against flies is to keep the kitchen garbage tightly closed. Sprinkle Borax or dry soap into the garbage cans after washing them and let them dry, both of them can act as a repellent.

You can also use oranges. Just scratch the skin and leave it out. The citrus is an effective pest repellent. You can also hang cloves or plant some mint around your house to repel flies. You can also put some basil on your table or windowsill. Just make sure to keep them well watered so that the basic will produce a much stronger scent. You should also consider hanging muslin bags that are filled with dried ground leaves. You can also create your very own fly paper by boiling water, corn syrup, and sugar together. Add the mixture onto a brown paper and set it out.

Pest Control Tips For Moths

Another type of nasty pest is the moth. Did you know that the larvae of these moths can damage your clothes? You have to store your things in a clean condition since these larvae love places that have lots of food stains.

Mixing ginseng, thyme, mint, rosemary, and cloves in a cheesecloth bag is one good way to keep moths away from your drawers or closets.

You can also moth proof your clothes by mixing dried mint, rosemary, and lavender in sachets and placing them in your drawers or closets.

You can also strap moths by mixing molasses and vinegar in a container. Just make sure to clean the container on a regular basis. You can also run the affected clothing through a warm dryer to kill moth eggs.

Let the professionals take care of your problems with flying insects. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. and let our pest control specialists deal with your pest problems.

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