Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Best Pest Control Tips For Spring

Ah, springtime! With the days growing longer and flowers in full bloom, it’s a veritable paradise. Until…the pests start creeping out of their winter hideaways looking to make themselves at home! Keep your living space blissfully pest-free this season with these expert pest control tips for controlling creepy crawlies before they become an infestation.

Pest Control Treatment

Start outside first

Keep pests from invading your home this spring by working smarter rather than harder! A refreshing of the landscaping can go a long way in deterring those pesky critters. Make sure to give them fewer points of access and keep your house pest-free all season long with these helpful tips.

Clean your yard

Maintaining a well-trimmed and properly curated lawn is essential in preserving its health and warding off potential pest infestations. Fall debris, such as dead leaves or decaying logs, should always be cleared away to prevent pests from taking up residence on your property – enlisting the help of an experienced landscaping professional can make this chore easier while guaranteeing that you won’t have any unwelcome visitors!

Check your roof

Noticing pests around your home is never ideal, as they are extremely crafty and can enter through the smallest of openings. It’s important to regularly inspect your roof for common problems like deteriorated shingles, gutters, fascia, or eaves – especially if there has been recent construction. Additionally, you should pay attention to any debris that may have accumulated in your yard- this could indicate issues with the property’s roof which aren’t visible from below. If time doesn’t allow a thorough check of these areas yourself it might be worthwhile considering hiring a professional help to clear out potential blockages and test structural integrity prior to an infestation setting in!

Check the soil

Protect your home from pests by creating a barrier around the perimeter. Fencing, retaining walls made of brick or stone and planting trees are all great options for keeping unwanted critters at bay. Furthermore, it’s important that soil is sloped away from the foundation to avoid water accumulation every time there’s precipitation.  If this requires significant earth movement you may want to consider hiring professional exterminators with machinery suited for such an undertaking.

Seal your house

Get rid of pests with a thorough home evaluation to identify any areas of vulnerability. Look for gaps in windows and door frames, cracked surfaces or chips on window sills, and drafts that may be sneaking through the entryways and attic space. Seal up holes by application of caulk or cement compound around exterior vulnerable spots so those stubborn invaders can’t penetrate your fortress!

Remove all water and food sources

Make sure your home is less attractive to pests by eliminating any potential food or water sources. Store pet food in sealed containers and promptly remove all leftover trash from the premises, including bird feeders that could be within 100 feet of your dwelling. If you have a vegetable garden, make use of fencing or netting solutions to ensure larger invaders stay away. Inspect both inside & outside for standing water; mend leaks quickly so mosquitos won’t take advantage as a breeding ground near you!

Professional Pest Control Treatment

Make sure you head off a critter invasion this spring by being proactive – applying pesticide around your house perimeter can be an effective way of creating a barrier. Choose between tackling it yourself or calling in expert help; pro pest control services in Myrtle Beach will provide more powerful substances, as well as the opportunity to detect and address any infestations earlier on.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Spring Cleaning and Pest Control Tips

Spring is here, and with it comes the chance to get your home ready for summer. As you tackle that list of spring-cleaning chores, don’t forget to check off one more important item: inspect your home for pest hotspots and use the most effective pest control methods to get rid of them. By nipping them in the bud now, you can relax all season long knowing that unwelcome visitors won’t be crashing your family barbecue!

Spring Pest Control Tips


Springtime can bring more than just blooming flowers; it also invites pesky pests, such as ants. While busy rummaging through crevices for morsels of food, these critters often make their way into kitchens due to easy access to sources of sustenance and water. When it comes to the best pest control in Myrtle Beach, regular cleaning is essential yet additional measures should be taken – like removing crumbs left lingering after meals, wiping up liquid spills promptly, and discarding overripe fruit quickly – that will give invaders fewer incentives to venture inside this frequently used room!

Transform your kitchen into a sparkling, pest-free zone by taking the time to refresh its contents. Start with purging date-expired spices and baking ingredients from cabinets and pantries – these attract pests including beetles, moths, and ants! Vacuum behind appliances you can move away from walls for dirt buildup that could surprise even the most diligent cleaners. Give counters and floors some TLC too: wipe down surfaces before giving them a good scrub using dishwashing liquid mixed in warm water for a spotless shine that lasts beyond one mealtime.


Spring is the perfect time to inspect and eliminate potential sources of water in bathrooms. Cockroaches, silverfish, and other pests are attracted to moisture – so it’s wise to scan under sinks, around tubs & toilets as well as give shower liners a thorough cleanse. Doing this can help you prevent infestations due to these pesky critters only being able to survive up to one week without any H2O!


Basements are often the go-to spot for unwanted house guests, from spiders and mice to a variety of other pests. Dark corners and clutter make attractive hiding spots, so it’s important to remain vigilant about keeping your basement organized. Stow away valuable items in plastic bins with secure lids rather than cardboard boxes; sealing cracks or crevices is also key since even tiny openings can give critters an opportunity to get inside. With careful attention, you can ensure that along with warm temperatures come unwelcome visitors no longer!

Outdoor Space

Give your home the spring tune-up it deserves! Start at the top with a roof audit, looking for damaged fascia and worn shingles that can attract bugs. Don’t forget to clear out any clogged gutters and downspouts so April showers won’t cause an obstruction. Finally check screens, weather stripping, and foundation/window mortar for wear – replacing where necessary will provide extra protection from harsh winter conditions.

Keep your home safe from pesky spring insects and termites by giving it an expert landscaping touch-up! Trim bushes away from the house, remove rotted tree stumps, and keep mulch at a minimum 15″ distance around the foundation. A few simple steps will create peace of mind for you to enjoy all season long.

Take the opportunity this spring to improve and maintain your living environment! Doing so will not only keep your family safe and healthy, but it can also help prevent pests from invading. So seize the moment – a season of renewal is upon us; let’s make our homes stronger than ever before!

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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Should You Spray Your Yard for Mosquitoes and Ticks?

After the Zika outbreak in 2015, along with the list of mosquitoes– as well as tick-borne illnesses rising, the insect-control industry is flourishing.

“There has been a growth of businesses that are carrying out mosquito management these days,” according to Stanton Cope, the head of the American Mosquito Control Association. “You can find them everywhere. However, there are some who are more skilled and professional than others.” As a matter of fact, consumer affairs agencies throughout the U.S. are on high alert for businesses that spray without the right accreditation, practical knowledge, or tools.

Spraying is an important business, Cope states. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authorized several pesticides that can be used by homeowners, stating that they are risk-free when used correctly; however, any chemical spray presents a few risks. These risks are going to be much worse in case the person using it is not well-trained.

Novice sprayers might result in you wasting your money by using the chemicals incorrectly or by using those that do not work. Plus, they could also subject you to avoidable risk. Chemicals applied incorrectly could imply that more toxic compounds could get to your kids and pets. In addition, they could also cause harm to plants and insects. They could also build insecticide resistance, which can make any current insect problems a lot worse.

You can prevent all these problems caused by Mosquitoes by following the tips provided below.

Begin Slowly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the EPA, integrated pest management (IPM) is best first step when it comes to lowering the insect population in your house.

That is, well before you think about spraying, you need to try simple mosquito-control methods such as getting rid of standing water (where most mosquitoes prefer to reproduce) from pet pan, old car tires, bird feeders, and so on. You also need to fix screens on windows and doors and make use of your air conditioning system, if you could, so you could keep mosquitoes from entering your home. You also need to use an insect repellent that is EPA registered.

In case your lawn is already swarmed with insects or you are concerned about pest attacks for a certain reason (for instance, there is a brook or pond near your home), it is recommended to get in touch with your mosquito-abatement district since those are generally manned with experts. Contact your county or town government to check if you have one in your place because not everybody does. They might spray your yard for free or for a nominal cost when the risk of spread or infestation is high enough.

Ask Questions, Verify Credentials

In case your county does not have a mosquito-abatement group available and DIY options are not enough, the next alternative would be to hire a Myrtle Beach pest control company. Before you choose to hire one, there are a few questions you need to ask:

  1. Check their license or certification, the label for the insect spray used, and the equipment they will use. A professional pest control company in Myrtle Beach must have these things prepared. In many states, they’re legally necessary for any pest control business. The license must be current, and the content label needs to show what ingredients the company is using.
  2. Ask if they have a strategy to protect nontarget plants and creatures. The ingredients used to get rid of mosquitoes could also wipe out good insects, such as ladybugs, honeybees, and butterflies. Professional sprayers are going to have great strategies in place to reduce the drift of potentially harmful substances into nontarget locations.
  3. Ask if they make follow-up appointments to make sure that their treatment works. Reliable companies are going to visit every now and then to check the area and that their sprays have done their job as expected.

Be Cynical

The legitimacy of any pest control in Myrtle Beach is not the only factor that you have to check. You need to remember a few other things:

  1. Think about “all organic” promises. Be sure to double-check to make sure that the company you hire delivers on their promise.
  2. Turn down mosquito misting units. The use of these programmed spraying systems which act like automatic water sprinklers, is becoming more popular. However, the equipment is not approved by the EPA, and Cope suggests that you skip them. They are also a bit costly. And since they do not permit any nuanced strategy to pest management (they typically include spraying one chemical throughout the whole yard), they could breed insecticide resistance.
  3. Keep an eye on insecticide resistance. In the 2015  Zika epidemic in Florida, the CDC revealed that infection-control steps did not work as expected, partly because mosquitoes in Myrtle Beach had built the ability to resist a few of the chemicals that were used. This was also a problem that was evident in Puerto Rico as well as other locations that were hard hit by the virus.

How Does This Relate To Your Yard?

The way in which individuals manage their pest problems – the chemicals that are used and how they are sprayed can worsen the resistance problem. Therefore, it is vital that you make certain that the company you hire knows how to manage these chemicals conscientiously. An expert knows that changing chemicals year after year is an effective method to avoid this resistance problem.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Pest Control And Prevention Against Rodents And Mice

One of the most common reasons for pest control and prevention is rodents and mice. These house pests are more than just signs of filthiness; they are also carriers of deadly diseases.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that there are more than 35 diseases that rats could easily spread around the house. These include Hepatitis, Salmonella poisoning, Meningitis, and deadly viruses.

Because these diseases are primarily spread and transferred by rodents, the easiest way to protect your family from these deadly diseases is to eliminate and prevent rats and mice from entering and living inside your house. Indeed, effective pest management and prevention methods are necessary not only to keep your house clean and sanitized but also to protect your family’s health.

On the other hand, it is not only spreading diseases that rodents can do. They can also cause damage to your property, particularly by chewing on your walls and furniture. They can also chew through your electrical wires, which can result in fires and structural damage that can be costly and time-consuming.

Effective rodent pest control strategies

Rodents are generally not that difficult to eliminate from your home. You just have to be brave enough to get near them and trap them. Pest management professionals like Zap Pest Control suggest the following easy and effective methods for removing rodents from inside your house.

1. Seal the pests out – The first thing you should do is seal all openings and holes around your house. If you see an opening, you can be sure that this is what those rats and mice use to enter your home. Note that these types of pests can twist and shrink their bodies to fit through even the smallest of holes and openings.

Take a walk around your house and look for gaps, holes, and openings. This can be found on the ground, in your walls, and around your doors and windows. When you see an opening, no matter how big or small it is, you need to seal it tightly. Pest control specialist suggest using a stuffing material that rats and mice do not like. And that is steel wool. Secure the steel wool in the hole by adding caulk. This will also make sure the hole is tightly sealed and that there is no small opening left that mice and rats can chew on to make it bigger and grant them access to your home.

For larger holes and openings, you can use lath screening or metal sheeting. Rats and mice do not like to chew on these materials so these will surely prevent them from entering your home. If you want to completely seal the opening, you can opt to use cement.

2. Keep your house clean – The number one reason why rodents come to your house is that they can sense food sources inside. These can be anywhere throughout the house from a disorganized pantry to spills and crumbs left on the floor and on the counters. Be sure to keep your house clean at all times, especially at night before you go to bed. Keep in mind that rodents like to scour around your house to find food and water during the night when they would least likely be detected.

Start with cleaning your kitchen cabinets, shelves, and counters. Make sure there are no food crumbs and spills left to dry on the shelves and counters. Leftover food should be placed in tightly sealed containers, particularly half-finished bags of chips, and opened bags of cereals, flour, and spices. Enlist the help of the entire family and remind them not to eat or bring food inside their bedrooms. If possible, try not to eat in the living room as well. Restricting food debris and spills in one area of the house – specifically in the kitchen and/or in the dining room – will make it easier for you to keep the house clean and rodent free.

3. Place approved rodent baits – If you suspect or have confirmed rodent presence in your house, you will need to place approved rodent baits all throughout the house. The best areas to place the baits are where they will most likely be hanging around. These are in your kitchen, particularly inside the kitchen cabinets and near the door to your pantry.

Before placing rodent baits, you must ensure that the baits you are using are approved. Seek professional advice from pest control in Myrtle Beach to be sure you are using the right and effective types of bait to use against rodents.

4. Place traps throughout the house – Aside from baits, you can also opt to place traps. These are other great strategy to catch the rodents. While baits will poison and kill the rats, traps catch them instantly. What happens with baits is they bring the poisoned baits to their home where they would eat it with their family, where they would all get poisoned and die at once. The problem with this is that it would be difficult for you to find their hiding place if they die there from eating the poisoned baits. You will know only where they are hiding when they start to rot and smell.

The difference with traps is they instantly get caught inside the cage and you could either bring them to your local pest control center to be disposed of properly or you can call in your pest management company to dispose the trapped rodent and inspect the house for more rodents. You can also use glue traps to trap smaller mice. For larger rats, the best rat trap to use is snap traps. For best results, seek professional advice from the experts.


Myths About Pest Control For Rodents

Rodents have been pestering humans for as long as humans have lived inside structures. There’s something about our homes with all the nooks and crannies that just invite mice and rats to try and come on in to make themselves at home. Annoying! They can show up anywhere from crawl spaces to air ducts to pantry cabinets. They can carry disease and can easily contaminate the food supply in any human’s home. Like anything else, there can be myths that shroud the facts about how to deal with rodents, so let’s dispel some of the more common myths about rodent control….

Myth 1: All you need is a cat to take care of the rodent population.

Fact: Cats do love to hunt and often will get rodents, but they are not always fast enough to combat the escape efforts of the small and fast mice or rats. Cats and dogs could even attract more rodents, and these rodents will often feed right from your pet’s food bowl, leaving them vulnerable to disease.

Myth 2: You can prevent rodents by keeping your home clean.

Fact: Sanitation isn’t enough simply because rodents can survive for a while with no food. Keeping your home clean does make it harder for rodents to come and infest in large numbers, however. Keeping your home clean and sanitized will be very effective when used in combination with bait and other rodent control means. Anything that reduces a food source for rodents will make them easier to control.

Myth 3: Cheese is the best bait to catch mice.

Fact: Cheese can work to draw in rodents, but it’s not nearly as alluring for these pests as film and TV have made it out to be. Seeds or fruit is much more enticing for mice, and many pest control experts will use peanut butter. In dry climates, the best bait for rodents is something moist, as they draw a lot of their water from their food source.

Myth 4: The worst thing a rodent can do is chew.

Fact: They DO chew and as they do, they leave disease and feces, causing danger to humans. While no homeowner wants to think of rodents gnawing and chewing through his house, preventing rodent-borne disease is key when approaching pest control.

Myth 5: Rat poison is the best way to get rid of rodents.

Fact: Rat poison can be very effective for controlling the rodent population, but an even better way is to do a thorough inspection of the small openings in your home and seal them off. That is the single best effective way to have mouse pest control. Also, rat poison is just what the name implies—poison. So if you’re trying to be green or organic in your post control, then this is not the option for you.

Myth 6: You can control rodents by making your own bait.

Fact: Rodent bait of any kind is highly toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Making your own is not a smart thing to do, simply because of the highly poisonous content.

When it comes to pest control in Myrtle Beach and rodents, it’s best to get the help of a professional pest control company. They will know how to set traps and find the rodents and then get rid of them safely and effectively.

Always work with licensed and trained pest control professionals to ensure your house and family are protected from the dangers brought by rodents and other pests. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now to speak with one of our trained professionals.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

How Hiring Regular Pest Control Service Can Protect Your Home And Family

Treatment shouldn’t be taken into account as an elective home improvement solution, it must be compulsory. Regularly hiring a pest control technician (if at all possible at least once in two months) can make a significant difference in making the most of your defense against pesky insects. In addition, you will not only avoid a dreadful pest infestation with these tiny critters creeping all over your house, you’ll also aid in keeping your home clean and healthy.

A reliable pest control company can detect pests that may cause premature damage to your home structure so that you could safeguard the lifespan and visual appeal of your house. However, not all pests would harm your home’s structure, there are a few pests that cause problems with your electrical system as well as pass on various kinds of diseases to the occupants of the place.

Provided below are five reasons why a pest control service is highly recommended as an essential solution for any homeowner:

Prospective Pest Concerns Are Detected Early – The majority of rodents or bugs could reproduce quickly whenever they discover a liveable place to nest. This could produce a domino effect for any existing pest population inside your house. A comprehensive pest control specialist can detect probable pest infestations and could prevent them from proliferating. You will not need to bother about a thriving pest population in your yard. Your pest control specialist shouldn’t just address existing pest problems every single service but will also check for potential issues.

Avoid Fire Risks – Rodents are famous for chewing different things even electrical wires because they need to file their teeth. In case a rodent did not gnaw, their teeth will become as big as one length and that would hinder from eating. Your home provides a lot of items that they could chew on. So, their good fortune is your bad luck. Particularly, mice and rats will certainly gnaw on electrical wiring in your house and that would lead to an exposed electric current. This is really a serious fire risk and could stir up nearby insulation or rodent’s nests. A pest control expert is going to check for rodents and also find any sign of damage in your electrical wires.

Eliminate Chance of Structural Damage – Termites as well as carpenter ants are going to cause problems to your home’s frame, and this would result in a structurally unstable home. These pests will also chew on wall siding and that would make an unsightly look and destroy your home’s protection.

Stop The Propagation Of Diseases – Specifically, roaches and rats leave excrement that has diseases. These droppings would become brittle and then become dust, which would contaminate the air inside your home, thus, making it airborne. Roach excrement usually trigger asthma among kids. Rats could spread out Hantavirus as well as other life-threatening illnesses. An intensive waste cleanup by a certified pest control in Myrtle Beach will surely take care of this issue.

One Pest Invites Other Bugs – Pests have a tendency to reside near one another since they either feast upon other pests or your existing pest problem has produced an inviting environment for other unwanted pests. For instance, bees make honeycomb that draws in ants and roaches. The sweet honey is a good source of food for roaches and ants. Therefore, if you have bees within your property you can have other nuisance pests, too.

pest control service in Myrtle Beach is far more cost effective than performing expensive home repairs due to these pests. Defend your home these days by considering a pest control service that matches your requirements. Make certain that the service provider you select provides a free inspection and offers you a secured price on service charges.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a fresh and clean house without unwanted pests creeping around. Get a pest-free residence now so that you can relax freely understanding that unwanted pests are not wrecking your home. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. today!

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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Things To Do After Pest Control Treatment For Cockroaches

There are some pest problems that you can deal with on your own like a mild ant infestation. If you clean your kitchen and use a bit of borax, you will be able to manage the pest problem. But when it comes to cockroaches, pest control treatments are much more complicated. These pests are known to carry allergens, bacteria, and different kinds of diseases. So having them around is a threat to your health. Additionally, they can be quite difficult to eliminate. They could live through a nuclear explosion, so what’s a bit of pest control spray?

If you are having problems with cockroach infestation, hiring a pest control company is highly recommended. But what do you do after the treatment?

Pest Control Treatment: Dealing With The Aftermath

Avoid Bad Habits

If you have had a cockroach infestation in your home, your cleaning habits may have played a part in it. Cockroaches don’t infiltrate a house that is pristine and clean. Make sure to maintain this cleanliness. Your kitchen must be spotless before you go to bed. Don’t let trash accumulate and make sure that you take out your garbage every day.

Keep The Food Sources Away

cocvkroaches-300x297.jpgTogether with spraying, the pest control expert will use poisonous bait to eliminate cockroaches. You can make this more effective by getting rid of food sources. Avoid eating food in other areas of your house and make sure that you store all of the food in containers that are airtight. This will increase the chances for cockroaches to eat the bait.

Eliminate Access To Water

Cockroaches on the verge of dying need water. So you need to make sure that your bathtub and sinks are as dry as they can be. Wipe them down after every use to get rid of any excess water. Doing this will help in hastening the cockroach killing process.

Don’t Be Alarmed If You See More Cockroaches

A few weeks after treatment, you will see more cockroaches. Even if the pest control Myrtle Beach treatment has been extensive, some cockroaches will survive and a few will be carrying eggs. But don’t worry because the poison and the spray that’s been left by the pest control company will continue to work. Just give it enough time and cockroaches will be gone from your home soon enough.

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