Termite Treatment

What Happens During Termite Extermination

Millions of dollars are spent every year by Americans to get rid of termites and fix all of the damages that these pests have caused in their houses. Due to the large amount of cash involved, several states have rules governing the process of termite treatment.

There are some homeowners who prefer to do this on their own but only a few manage to get the job done completely. There are those can take on only a part of the entire treatment process but most almost always turn to pest control professionals when it comes to termite extermination. In certain parts of the country, dampwood and drywood termites invade houses. But subterranean termites can be located all states but not on Alaska. They attack more houses and they bring extensive damage compared to the other kinds of termites. The majority of termite control processes focus on subterranean termites.

The Basics Of Termite Treatment

The first thing that happens during termite treatment Myrtle Beach is extensive inspection. In several places in the country, pest control inspectors create a diagram of the house that they are inspecting. They will also take photos especially when the homeowner does not accompany him as he conducts the inspection.

It is also crucial to identify the places with active termites. If there are winged termites on the windowsills, it’s an indication that your house is infested with termites. Other indications of termite infestation include blistered paint, mud tunnels, as well as wood that has been hollowed out.

The inspector will also take not of the kind of construction and other special details that are worth noting during the inspection. He will also take note of the structural and maintenance conditions that may allow termites to easily attack the house. The inspector will also take note of the landscape conditions that may make the environment more comfortable for these critters. In case the house will be treated, the pest control specialist will inform you of the treatment specifications indicated on the house’s diagram. In case the treatment includes the use of liquid termiticide, the places where the termiticide will be added will be shown on the diagram.

In case the treatment includes monitoring and bait stations, the spots where these stations are going to be installed will be indicated in the diagram. The specialist would choose where the stations are going to be set up and explain the monitoring schedule as well.

Before the pest control inspector leaves your home, he will explain the cost of the treatment as well as any financing arrangements that made as well as the guarantee’s terms. In case the guarantee could be renewed, it will also be explained thoroughly by the inspector. The inspector must also give you a copy of the diagram as well as the purchase agreement.

Once the pest control specialist arrives to conduct the treatment, he’ll most like have to park in your driveway. The truck could be there for several hours so you may have to move your family car. It might also be necessary for the specialist to connect the treatment machine to an electrical outlet or water supply. He will have the diagram on hand as he checks your house to make sure that he understands the specifications for the treatment. He will also ask you if you would like to come along. He will answer any questions that you may have while the inspection is being conducted.
The technician may begin inside your house. This will depend on the kind of treatment that needs to be done in your house. For safety purposes, pets and children will be asked to keep away from the treatment area. Once he is finished, he will take all his tools and ask the homeowner to check his work. He will explain what he’s done in every area of your home. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the specialist during this time.

Specialists offering pest control services will give you a receipt showing the termiticide used, its potency, and the amount applied. It’ll also indicate the number of bait or monitoring stations set up as well as any money that was paid. You will be required to sign before a copy of the receipt is given to him. Before leaving, the specialist will address any issues that may be not clear to you. There are last minute queries regarding issues such as annual inspections as well as re-treatments.

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