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Tips For Preventing Pests From Invading Your Home

Winter means a lot of things to people. But its meaning often varies according to people’s age. Kids love winter because there’s a lot of things they could do. But for older people, winter means something else. The season brings a lot of worrisome dangers. Some are inescapable and familiar while others are far more insidious. Having said that, it’s crucial to know how some pest control tips to prevent pest invasion during winter.

Winter Pest Control Issues

Even in Myrtle Beach we have the occasional ice dam and frozen pipes, as well as downed power lines and trees. Once the sky darkens and the temperature drops – these are the issues that most homeowners detest the most. But there’s something else that you need to worry about – pests. Your warm home and fully stocked pantry will be attractive to rodents and insects.

Even if spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice are extremely skillful in invading homes, there are still things you can do to bar them from entering your home. With proper pest control Myrtle Beach, you can prevent these little critters from causing expensive and extensive damage to your home.

Once they gain access inside your home, rodents and insects may gnaw through drywall, wires, and wood. Gradually they create damage to your house, which will need the help of exterminators. Even their nests, which are often moist, warm, and dark, lead to mold growth and rotten wood. This would undermine the longevity and integrity of your house.

Silver Lining

pest-control-4-300x200.jpgBut there’s a silver lining in all of these. Residential pest control Myrtle Beach experts have the steps you need to take to minimize the chances of a pest infestation are the same things you have to do to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. That means you will not only pest proof your home but also save on your monthly utility bills. Keep pests out by making sure that your home is tightly sealed so your home is protected, cold air is kept out, and warm air is kept in.

However, even if you believe that you’ve prepared your home from pests and draft, it’s possible that it won’t remain that way all throughout winter. The freezing rains, whipping winds, as well as occasional falling snow, which are the primary characteristics of winter storms create the kind of vulnerabilities that common household pests like the most. Extreme weather conditions will add chinks in your home’s defenses in forms like cracks in the foundation.

Pest Control Practices

Even if you are not addressing the infestation now, you should know that the risk of pest invasion won’t go away especially during the winter season. So, be sure to check for storm damage and follow these practices:

  • Cut back the tree branches so rodents won’t access the underside of the roof overhang.
  • Declutter the attic, basement, and other utility rooms to get rid of any possible nesting ground.
  • Check the fascia board on the roofline and change rotted wood.
  • Fix any loose mortar and change worn weatherstripping in doors and windows.
  • Keep food in sealed containers and make sure that there are no crumbs in the floor.
  • Seal all gaps or cracks on the exterior of your home using a silicone based caulk.
  • Keep firewood away, at least 20 feet from your home. It must be kept off the ground and should be covered as well.
  • Hire a specialist to clean the stack and check the flue.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the help of residential pest control experts in keeping pests away from your home during winter.

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