Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tips To Ward Off Pest Infestation

pest-control-4-300x203.jpgWarm weather is on its way, but it also brings more pest activities from arachnids, insects, and various other invertebrates. It’s much easier to prevent these pests from becoming an infestation, however, if they are already inside your house, there’s no need to panic. Get to know some of the most common springtime pests and learn how to deal with them using the following pest control tips.

Common Springtime Pests

Pest control experts say that there are three types of pests that remain dormant during winter and emerge once again during spring. These are flies, termites, and ants. When temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, these pests lay low and resurface later on once the weather becomes warmer. The number 1 nuisance pest in the United States are ants. They don’t die out during the colder season but may be outside of the structure in landscaping or mulch, hiding beneath the rocks or even inside through the insulation if they want to stay warm. Termites are visible during spring. It’s the time they start to come out to mate and create new colonies that could destroy the wood in structures. Meanwhile, flies tend to stay dormant during winter but will start to invade structures when the temperatures begin to rise. Cockroaches as well as bedbugs are active throughout the year since they’re most active inside the house but must still be covered for in spring when pest control activities are being done.

Proactive Pest Control Tips

The best thing you can do when it comes to pest control is to have an integrated pest control treatment program set in place that anticipates the most common pests in your area and checks according to the situation, and proactively takes action. Pest control firms can check your property on a monthly or weekly basis and determine emerging outbreaks as well as conditions that may bring about infestation, like moist wood that could lure carpenter ants or perhaps leaves getting blow up against the foundation that offer nesting spaces. Apart from implementing a good pest control Myrtle Beach strategy, be sure that all screened windows are in good condition to make sure that flies are kept out. Move the garbage cans or refused areas far from the building, if it is possible, and make sure that the compactor room or the trash chute are kept clean. You should also seal any entry point and install a door sweep to keep ants at bay. Once a pest infestation has settled inside your home, you have to call in a pest control professional like Zap Pest Control Inc. to deal with it before it gets even much worse. These professionals will begin with the least toxic way to control the infestation. Don’t try to handle the infestation yourself. Different insects need different treatments and you may end up having more problems if you use the wrong one.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the help of a professional to deal with your pest control problem.

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