Thursday, May 21, 2020

Must-Know Pest Control Tips For Everyday Prevention

Pest control is not all about protecting your house and your properties or getting rid of harmful and dangerous pests lurking through your yard and inside your home. It is also about preventing these pests from gaining access to your property. And to ensure that no pests can enter your home or even your yard, you will need to pest-proof your home at least once a week, if not every day.

Pest Control Tips

Experts from the National Pest Management Association highly recommends including the following task in your daily or weekly home maintenance routine.

Outside your home:

Look for easy access points. These are usually near where your utility pipes are connected to your house. Use caulk to seal any small gaps that you see. Cover the bigger openings with a steel wool since pests don’t like rough steel fibers.

Immediately repair rotting wood as soon as you spot it. Keep in mind that most pests find rotting and moist wood as an ideal area to accumulate and develop. If couldn’t be repaired, dispose the rotting wood properly.

Ensure there are no areas in your yard where standing water can accumulate. This is another ideal breeding ground for most pests. So you need to keep an eye out for any place standing water might accumulate. Get rid of the standing water immediately and clean the area. Use a cover if necessary to ensure water will no longer accumulate.

If you store firewood outside your home, make sure it is in a clean and dry place that is at least 20 feet away from your home. Dry wood is another favorite breeding ground of many pests. If these are near your home, they can transfer easily from the dry wood to inside your home, where they can gain access to much more food sources.

Mulch should also be kept away from the foundation of your home. They should be at least 15 feet away from the foundation as they can transfer pests, specifically termites, to your home’s foundation. You don’t want termites to find the foundations of your home because that can greatly damage your home and may result to costly repairs.

Inside your home:

Another pest control Myrtle Beach prevent tip is to ensure your pets don’t have fleas and ticks by bringing them to your vet regularly. Ask your vet how you can prevent fleas and ticks from living off of your pets.

Always keep the kitchen area clean and free from crumbs and food spills. Always wipe all kitchen counters and sweep and mop the floor.

Do not leave open food on the kitchen counter, cabinets, and pantries, especially throughout the night. Store your food in tightly sealed containers. Keep leftover food and ripe fruits inside your refrigerator.

Use dehumidifier to prevent mold growth in your basement, crawl spaces, and attics.

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