Friday, July 17, 2020

Pest Control Tips For Businesses

pest-control-4-300x200.jpgPest control for commercial properties can save business owners lots of time and money, not to mention safeguard their reputation. With the growing popularity of social media reviews on almost all kinds of businesses these days, a post regarding the discovery of a pest on your property is a huge headache that all property managers would like to avoid. Use Door Sweeps In most cases, property managers think that pest come through unnoticeable cracks from the property foundation or walls. What they tend to forget is that doors are among the easiest entry points for pests, too. One affordable and effective method to prevent pests from getting inside your establishment is through door sweeps. They can stop rodents and insects from moving through small openings under the door. It minimizes the need to hire a Myrtle Beach pest control company. Service Floor Drains Regularly We like to think that the food waste that goes down our drain poses no threat because it just disappears without a problem. But the fact remains that residual food particles can produce an odor that can attract unwanted pests. You should make sure that your janitorial and maintenance team will service your floor drains, especially unused ones, on a regular basis. Choose The Right Plants, Flowers, and Trees We all know that landscaping can improve the aesthetics of your commercial building’s exterior. However, it can also increase your property’s chances of attracting pests. There are certain types of trees, flowers, and plants that can draw in various kinds of insects and wildlife. Be sure to ask your landscaping company to minimize or even avoid the use of these kinds of plants and trees. Empty Your Trash Your trash cans and recycling bins are two of the most loved places of almost all kinds of pests. Even if you use liners, food particles can build up at the sides and bottom of the bins. Be sure that your bins have self-closing lids and are emptied regularly on a regular basis. Remove Standing Water Rats, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, the enemies of a pest control company, also love standing water. Time some time to check your property and remove standing water. You should also check for potholes in parking lots, plant pots, as well as bird baths. Regularly inspect your hoses, sprinklers, as well other automatic watering systems to ensure that they are not overwatering your yard. Minimize Rotting Food In case you are running a processing facility or if you have a food storage center on your property, you need to find ways to minimize food rotting. You have to follow the first in, first out rule, which means whatever food item you bring in first should be the first that comes out. Reducing rotting food will also help in minimizing fruit flies, which like any decaying organic material. Check Your Rooftop Your roof is one place that is often neglected when it comes to maintenance because it is not that easily accessible. However, you should never ignore your roof. It should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that there are no pest infestations. Search for dirty gutters, pooling water, or any other sign of damage that can lead to pest infestation.

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