Friday, December 3, 2021

What Attracts Termites To Your Home?

A home is one the largest investments you can make. Termite damage can also be very costly. Termites can infest your home and cause extensive damage that is not detected for a long time. This could cost homeowners thousands in repairs and treatment. That’s why termite control is essential.

Termites love to colonize areas with readily available food sources. In search of new colonies, termites will look for moist areas around your home. Conway SC pest control and termite prevention is the best strategy. Preventing termites in your home is the first step. These are five possible reasons termites could be attracted to your home.

Termite Control Tips

Wood Piles

Firewood and other wood piles can be a great termite attractant. They also make it easy for them to get into your home. You should store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home, and elevate it at least 5 inches above the ground.

Dead Trees

Termites will be attracted to dead and decaying trees and stumps as they become rotten. Termites will then migrate from the stumps to your home. Clear away any stumps and dead trees from your property.


Poor drainage, poor airflow and leaking pipes can all lead to moisture problems within the home, which in turn creates conditions that are conducive for termite infestations. Subterranean termites require water to survive. Therefore, reducing moisture can help to prevent termite damage and infestations. To improve the health of your home and reduce excess moisture, humidity, mold, wood rot, and pest control (including termites), consider enclosing your crawlspace. You will also lower your utility bills.


Mulch can be attractive from an aesthetic standpoint, but it can also attract termites. Mulch is made of wood chips, which can retain moisture and make them attractive food sources for termites. Mulch can be replaced with another medium, or kept at least 15 inches away from foundations if it is used.


Not only can clogged gutters cause damage to your home, but they can attract termites as well. The excess moisture from leaves, twigs and other debris can cause roof damage and lead to it rotting. These soft spots will attract termites and provide them with easy access to your home. To prevent gutter clogs, keep them clean or install gutter guards.

Professional termite inspection is another component of termite prevention and control. A termite inspection should only be done in the following situations:

You are a potential home buyer. Potential homeowners should request a termite inspection during the home buying process. This will show potential termite damage, and allow for time to repair it.

You are a homeowner. Every 3 to 5 years, homeowners should have professional termite inspections. This will allow homeowners to catch termite infestations early so that appropriate treatment or prevention techniques can begin before further damage occurs.

If you have had termite treatment in the past. If termite treatment has been done previously, homeowners should schedule routine inspections. This will allow for monitoring and ongoing treatment. These services are usually included in the termite protection plans of most termite control companies.

Contact an exterminator if you suspect that you may have termites. They will provide a comprehensive inspection, treatment plan and preventive measures.

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