Thursday, June 9, 2022

Pest Control: Businesses Should Follow Food Safety Guidelines

Pests can cause food contamination and damage at your food establishment. This could result in your business losing its reputation and possibly costing you money if it is discovered during an inspection or after a complaint. That’s why pest control is essential especially if you’re running a food business.

It is your responsibility as a food business owner to make sure that you have the right arrangements in place to prevent pests from entering.

These are the three most common pests found in food businesses:

  • Rodents are rats and mice.
  • Insects include cockroaches, beetles, ants, flies
  • Birds – pigeons etc

Pest Control Tips For Food Businesses

Businesses must ensure that their food facilities are designed, constructed, and sized in accordance with the law. This includes protection from pests and other sources of contamination.

It is also required that proper procedures are in place to control pests. As the owner of the food business, you are ultimately responsible for any pest problems. You should not lay baits or poisons. Commercially available baits can cause food contamination and are not recommended for food businesses. However, you can and should inspect the premises for signs that pests might be present.

Even if your pet is well-trained, domestic animals can be considered pests in food businesses. They should not be allowed to enter food areas.

It is crucial to recognize signs of pest infestations early if you suspect you may have one. Regular monitoring of your premises is necessary to identify signs of pests. Experts in pest control in Myrtle Beach recommend the following steps when pests are found.

  • You should close the business until all pests are effectively eliminated from food storage, preparation, and service areas.
  • Hire a qualified residential pest control company to inspect the premises and to carry out any treatment necessary to eliminate the infestation. If you don’t have one, you need to call your pest control company or create one.
  • For further assistance and to report the issue, please contact Zap Pest Control Inc. If there are any concerns about adjacent properties, we will investigate them and address them. Completed the above steps and the risk to your health will be eliminated.
  • All surfaces and equipment that have been affected by pests should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Pest contamination can lead to disease so it is important to take care when cleaning. You should wear gloves.
  • Remove all rodent droppings, and cockroach eggs from the premises.
  • All food should be kept off the ground in sealed containers, which are safe from pests.
  • You can seal any holes that could allow rodents to enter your home with a hard, gnaw-resistant material.
  • You can seal all cracks under doors and install pest screens on doors and windows that are left open.
  • All crevices where cockroaches may be found should be filled.
  • Leakage should be fixed, and the toilet must be covered.
  • Get rid of any food that has been contaminated with rats, mice, or cockroaches.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the help of an expert in getting rid of pests from your commercial building.

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