Wednesday, August 14, 2019

All You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

bed-bugs-1-300x300.jpgBed bugs are tiny, ruddy brown, oval shaped, and flat insect that do not have wings, which at night would feast on the blood of humans. Bed bugs are considered as insects that appear at night because they are mainly active during midnight. Bed bugs are spreading quickly in homes, inns, models, taxis, buses, as well as railway station. You now think about how many eggs the bed bugs could lie as they’re spreading very rapidly. Bed bugs are comparable to other insects in that they tend to reproduce extremely fast. They also lay countless eggs, too. Perhaps now you want to know how many eggs do they lay?

Bed Bugs Feed On Blood

Bed bugs suck on human blood. Several kinds of bed bugs tend to feed on the blood of bats and humans. Therefore, if there are bats in the attic then there is a possibility that your home is infected with bugs. In case your attic has been cured of bats infestation, then you can deal with your bed bug Myrtle Beach problem.

How Many Eggs Do They Lay

Bed bugs hatch from eggs and they become nymphs. What about the number of eggs they lay? In one year, a female bed bug can lay at least 300 eggs and about 1000 eggs throughout its lifespan. After it mates, it will lay three eggs every day. In about ten days, the eggs produced by the bed bugs have been hatched. Bed bugs can live a long life and they can last for up to eighteen months without eating anything. Imagine that. Their eggs could live on any surface. However, they prefer paper, cloth, or wood more than plastics and metals. Meanwhile, nymphs could survive even if it does not feed for about six months. They normally lay their eggs in tiny cracks so they can protect their eggs. Female bed bugs hid the eggs under the beddings, beneath the crease or on the crevices of the headboard or other wooden furnishings. The rate of invasion is going to determine the number of eggs that will be laid by the bed bag. A mattress that has been infested with a bed bug and its eggs means there are hundreds of others that are also laying their eggs every day. However, if you destroy the bed bugs, the eggs should be destroyed too. If you leave the eggs, they will eventually hatch and grow into a female or male bed bug. In case there are thousands of female bed bugs in your home, you won’t know how many eggs the bed bugs could actually lay. You can easily identify their eggs, which look a lot similar to termite eggs. Their eggs have a sweet like unpleasant and stale scent. If you notice a dark reddish stain, these are their excrement. It is also not a good idea to mash or squash the eggs. They should be destroyed using insecticides or with the help of a pest control company.

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