Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pest Control With Spring Cleaning

If you’re looking for ways to get ahead of the game with pest control this spring, you’ll want to check out this article! As many of us are enjoying spring breezes with open doors and windows, we may also be inviting some unwanted critters in. Termites, spiders and ants are all hunting for food and springtime makes it extra important to do some pest prevention. Spring-cleaning can really make a difference and so we’re sharing three great tips to use spring-cleaning as part of your pest control efforts.

Three Tips To Prevent Pests While You Clean

1. Inspect Windows and Doors

Winter brings a lot of precipitation for most of us, whether it’s snow or just a lot of rain. So before you open all your windows to air out your home and enjoy the spring breezes, do a quick check of doors and windows, as well as screens. Screens should be replaced if you find tears or holes. They should also fit the windows or doors properly so that there are no small spaces for bugs to crawl through and infest your house. Also, check to see that the sliding doors or regular doors are sealed tight when closed.

2. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Pests of all kinds love the kitchen because it’s where all the food and crumbs are! In addition to the surface cleaning, you should do a deep clean of all small spaces between cabinets, stove, refrigerator, etc. Pest control Myrtle Beach experts suggest that you look for the food or grime that may have gotten in those spaces and if you have to, pull appliances out so you can clean and vacuum thoroughly.

The only grease you want in your kitchen is elbow grease!

You will also want to clean out the pantry or any cupboards where food is stored. Inspect all packaged food for pantry bugs, which look a lot like ground black pepper or coffee grounds. If you see this, throw the food item away. The only way to get rid of them is to throw everything away that it has remotely infested. Hot spots to look for pantry bugs will be grains, pasta, bread, flour and cereal. After you’ve thrown any food away, take everything out and deep clean the cabinets and make sure ALL food is stored in airtight containers.

3. Organize Storage Spaces

We all have attics, garages or basements that have way too much stuff in them. It might be Christmas decorations, stacks of paper, clothing and any other number of things you can’t part with. The trick here is to organize your things properly. Remember that spidersrodentsmoths and other critters will use these materials sitting out to build their nests, chew through, or make cobwebs. Instead of leaving them in the open, do a sort of everything and store them tightly in labeled plastic bins. If you choose bins that are clear, then it’s even better because you can see what’s inside. This not only protects your belongings from dirt and dust, but also keeps them dry, which will prevent mold and mildew. There’s nothing worse than retrieving an item out of the attic to find that it’s ruined with moisture.

These three tips will get you started to really enjoying the warm weather to come. Remember that this is also a great time to call your pest control specialist to have them come do some preventative pest control treatment. Get the summer started off right—pest free and clean!

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