Friday, July 16, 2021

Why do rodents come inside during the summer?

Everybody enjoys the summer season, it’s time for fun barbeques and weekends. Did you know that rodents love this time of the year, too? You may have believed that rodents appear during the fall season but they do not necessarily keep away during summer. They still have to find shelter and food from the summer heat. In case your house is not properly protected by a professional rodent control company, it could be a wonderful all inclusive summer destination for rats and mice.

Rodent Control: Increased Population During Summer

In most cases, rodents will stay outdoors during the summer unless they make their way into your home. Since mice out in the wild tend to only breed during summer, they will bread and then multiply quickly in your house if they’re left undisturbed. The main reason why you see rodents less in house during normal temperatures is that there are enough shelter and food sources outside.

Why Get Rodent Control Services?

Homeowners assume that rodents move into your house during winter for shelter and food that’s normally available outside during spring and summer. That’s why you do not want to hear that much about rodent problems during summer. But, just because you’re not seeing them in your home does not mean that they’re not inside your house and causing problems.

If enough food sources and shelter are provided, rodents and mice will breed and then multiply fast throughout the summer and will continue to be a problem throughout the year. During summer, rodents love to eat fresh food from gardens and the crops. When it gets too hot, they would build a shelter underground or find one in your home.

The rodent population during summer will grow and it leads to a bigger problem during winter when rats and mice begin to look for a safer place that they can call their own. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a pest control expert now so that you can get rid of these problems.

If you see rodents inside your house this summer, then it’s possible that they’ve been there for a long time. Rats and mice like to create nests where it is warm during winter but with each seasonal change, they would move around. Rodents will move from the attic and down to the basement beginning in early during summer to shady cool areas where they will build their nests and find food.

Call a residential pest control expert right away. They will check your house and focus on the most common entry points like the garage, attic, basement, backyard, and places where rodents are commonly found to check how severe the infestation is.

Then the exterminator will seal all the entry points and clean up the mess. Special traps will then be placed in spots where it’s important to get rid of any last rodents that may have survived during the proofing and the sanitation process.


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