Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Why do you see more bugs when it rains?

residential-pest-control-1-300x225.jpgHave you ever noticed that a lot of bugs come out when it rains or after a big storm? You should look outside following the next big storm and you will most likely various bugs such as worms and ants crawling around the grass or on paved surfaces close to your home. There’s a reason that all of these bugs come out after a rainfall. When you understand this phenomenon, you’ll get to prevent these critters from getting inside your home when it rains. Here are some residential pest control tips you need to know.

Residential Pest Control Tips

Bugs tend to go higher ground The reasons that these little pests come out of the ground after a storm or heavy rain are pretty straightforward. If it rains, the cracks and holes in the ground where they live will fill up with rainwater. This will would not kill bugs; instead, it would force them to go out of the ground and to spend time on the surface close to your house. So, even though you might only rarely see the bugs outside in most cases, you will see a lot of them after a rainy day. They come out of the ground so they could save themselves but they also won’t go back to their home unless the rain stops. How to keep bugs out of your home? If you would like to keep the bugs out of your house, you should take proactive exterminator Conway SC measures to stop them from going inside your house. By yourself, you could do things such as trimming trees, hedges, bushes that are close to your home and which offer great habitats from the underground insect colonies. You could also call your pest control Myrtle Beach SC specialist so they can apply water activated chemicals to your landscape or backyard and to the seams and sides of your home. This solution would be inactive until the next storm or rainfall comes. However, once the rain comes, the grains would turn into a pesticide that is efficient in killing most of the bugs that come up from the ground. Because of that, you no longer have to worry about bugs getting inside your house.

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